More Than Exercise, Customized Wellness

This is a great option for those wanting more individualized attention or those who have more specific training goals. We have options of single and partner training to help you feel the most comfortable as you progress on your fitness journey!

Have you been on a fitness journey already? Maybe you're in a plateau and not sure what to do next? PFP Unlimited is for those wanting to become functionally fit to keep up with an active lifestyle - especially if you're trying to keep up with your kids or four-legged friends!

Massage therapy is a wonderful addition to your wellness routine! It not only helps in your recovery process but can also help aid in all aspects of your health - including benefits like boosting your immune system! And besides, who doesn't enjoy getting a massage on their off days?!

Not Sure What's Right For You?

Barbell Club

$100 per Month
  • Includes Barbell Coaching
  • Also Includes Open Gym

PFP Ultimate Pass

*$125 per month Includes Open Gym + Barbell + Classes + Power Hour
  • $100/Month with 1/Week Training
  • $75/Month with 2/Week Training
  • $50/Month With 3/Week Training Package

Single Classes

Price Varies
  • Drop in: $20/Class
  • 10 Classes: $150
  • 25 Classes: $300

What Our Members Are Saying

Laura Cwynar
Ive attended Pittsburgh Fitness Project classes over the last 2 years. They will modify the workout to any fitness level need. In Nov 2017 I started personal training sessions with Tonya 2x week. My goal was to focus on building strength. She is great at explaining the areas to focus on, working multiple muscles through a single movement, and we have yet to repeat the same exercises.  Any doubts I've had about my capabilities have been tested, guided through coaching, and proved my self-doubt wrong. Everyone belongs here when you walk through the doors. They truly care and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Edward Moore
I have gone to PFP since they opened. Previously I was a member at LAF in Bakery Square, and PFP was a welcome change from the big corporate gym atmosphere. The personal interaction between the staff and clients makes for a much more welcoming environment. Tom and Brian have brought in a fantastic staff and created a great atmosphere to workout, whether it is through personal training or group fitness. There is lots of parking available and the location is great. Stop in today to check out PFP!

Kelly Gallagher
I'm a known gym hopper. I'm the type who get's excited about a specific training style or class - and then get's completely burnt out on it. I love training at PFP because they encourages all of my fitness interests. No session is like the last. Some days I squat heavy, others are more HIIT based, and other times we lean into my gymnast background and work on handstands and intricate balances. I'm comfortable with every single trainer and I love working out in a place that is actually judgement free and encourages me to live my best life. PFP truly is my #fitfam!

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