We are in the Green but we need to be vigilant in caring for ourselves and others. Wear a mask during these challenging times.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization, WHO, made a confusing statement regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

What does it mean?

The WHO stated that asymptomatic people who are infected with Covid-19 rarely spread the virus.  This statement is confusing for several reasons.

First, when referring to asymptomatic people, they were actually speaking to the very small number of adults who will have an infection but do not develop any symptoms.

The science clearly shows that the vast majority of adults who become infected will have symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, or shortness of breath.  And for 1 – 3 days prior to showing illness, they will spread large amounts of the virus.   They are actually pre-symptomatic.

We can’t distinguish between the small number of people who will actually remain asymptomatic when infected from the vast majority of people who will go on to show symptoms when they are ill.  We can’t know who may be shedding large amounts of the virus but look perfectly well.

Wearing a face mask, then, is still essential!


Be Vigilant!

We need to be consistent and vigilant.

Cases of Covid-19 are low in Allegheny County but not throughout the country or the rest of the world.  Covid-19 spread from China to the rest of the planet in several short months.  In can come roaring back just as quickly.  The number of worldwide cases this past weekend was at a peak.

I’m writing this blog as a reminder to pay attention.  And unfortunately, I will continue to nag everyone until we have a widely distributed vaccine.


What can we do?  Wear a mask!

Wear your mask.

Maintain social distancing.

Wash your hands.

These measures apply to time with family members as well!


We will all come through these challenging times together!  Stay healthy.


Brian Clista, MD


Pittsburgh Fitness Project

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