What is Holistic Health?

Whenever I tell people I work in holistic health and wellness, they always say “Cool…. But what is that?”

What Do You Think Holistic Health Means?

I wondered what people do think of when they hear the term “holistic health,” so I decided to ask around the gym! Here are what people at PFP said:

Anonymous #1: “Taking environmental factors into account in regards to your health. What are the patterns and what does this mean for your health?”

Anonymous #2: “It means factoring in extraneous variables into your health. So not just thinking that health means eating well or going to the gym, but also being sure to pay attention to lifestyle factors.”

Anonymous #3: Looking at the mind-body connection and how they influence each other

A Simple Definition

There are many definitions of Holistic Health, but I see it as the intersection of nutrition, movement, and lifestyle. It takes into account every aspect of health to see the big picture, which helps find the underlying causes of any symptoms one might be having.

What This Means for You

This way of thinking about your health assumes that your stress level, for example, is just as important as what you eat or how much you exercise. Sometimes it is not initially easy to see which aspect you need to focus on, so thinking about your health holistically requires a lot of observing yourself and your patterns. It is often still difficult for the most self-aware and health-conscious people to see their health holistically, so working with a coach can help if you feel stuck and unsure why your health may be suffering – if this describes you, feel free to reach out! 

Does this Sound Right for You?

Are you someone who struggles with stress and anxiety? Do you often feel overwhelmed or out of control? Maybe you’ve listened to podcasts about mindfulness. Or have tried the latest meditation app to no avail. Whatever your woes, schedule a FREE consultation with me! If you have goals you would like to meet, working with a coach is a great way to reach them! Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is specifically useful for health-related goals! These goals can include feeling better, being more energetic, finding motivation, and reducing stressors. Furthermore, make sure to check out our PFP Holistic Lifestyle Coaching page for more information! 

Emily Eichner: PFP Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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