We're in the Green! PFP is back, Friday 6/5/20. We are working to keep clients and staff safe and healthy in these challenging times.

Dear Members:


Allegheny County is in the Green!  We can officially re-open the gym this Friday, 6/5/20.

We are excited to see everyone again.

Although we are in the Green, we all still need to practice social distancing, good hand hygiene, and wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.

In order to keep our staff and you, our clients, safe, we’ll be enacting the following measures per CDC and PA Health Department Guidelines.  As more becomes known about Covid-19, we may change some of these policies.


Covid-19 Policies


  • If you are ill, please stay home.  Signs of Covid-19 infection include:  fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, diarrhea, and fatigue.  Contact your doctor if you are feeling ill to consider testing.


  • Please be aware of entering the gym one person at a time.  We would like everyone to STOP in the vestibule and use the hand sanitizer available on the wall to the right of the entrance before coming in.


  • Classes will end several minutes early so everyone has time to clean their equipment and leave the gym one at a time before the next group comes in for class.


  • We are asking members to wear some kind of face-covering while in the gym as any viral particles can be spread more widely while exercising.   When someone is infected with Covid-19, they can shed viral particles for up to 2 days before they start experiencing symptoms.  The face-covering protects others.  Staff will be wearing face-coverings while in the gym as well.


  • We will have decals located on the turf and around the gym to remind everyone of social distancing.  You will have your own “area” to work out on the turf.  Each area will have its own “cleaning station” for wiping down equipment used during the workout and to hold personal items like car keys.


  • Some members have expressed concern about inside surfaces.  We will be sanitizing the turf and rubber surfaces with a disinfectant.   In addition, the gym and bathrooms will be receiving UV light treatment to eliminate viruses and bacteria.   We are also asking members to wipe down surfaces with a disinfectant wipe after using the bathroom.


  • As always, we’ll have hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes throughout the gym for your use.


  • We will do outdoor classes each day whenever feasible as face coverings are not required outside.  Currently, we plan to hold class outside Mon-Wed-Fri at 6 AM and Tues-Thurs at 5:30 PM.  Check the schedule for updates.


  • We will continue to offer an online class Mon – Fri at 12 Noon.  Members may continue to do online training if they wish.


  • Open Gym will be limited to the hours of 5 AM – 4 PM to reduce indoor “traffic” during our busier evening hours.


Thanks everyone for your support during these challenging times.  We hope you all are well.



Dr Brian Clista
Pittsburgh Fitness Project

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