Brian Clista is a local pediatrician and has been a competitive runner since junior high school. He started personal training with Tom Duer, PFP’s co-owner, several years ago. Brian and Tom often had discussions about childhood obesity and health so when an opportunity arose to start offering fitness classes in the space where Tom was training, they decided to form their own fitness company.


The idea blossomed into a company where people could meet all their health and fitness needs under one roof, offering personal training with monthly fitness assessments, group fitness classes, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching.


Brian hopes that the Pittsburgh community can fully utilize the services to enjoy life to its fullest!


CLAUDIA GRIFFIN: Massage Therapist


In 2013, Claudia enrolled in and graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX, earning a license in Massage Therapy. She views massage as more than just a relaxing experience, which it definitely is. However, massage is also a part of her client’s journey to their overall wellness.


“I view Massage Therapy as a team effort between my client and myself. Through communication and observation, the intent of each massage is determined by this team. Each time I see that client, the intent can and often changes, depending on any changes in my client’s life. Massage is touching a client with empathy, compassion, intent and with their permission. The intent of a massage session is determined by what they feel their needs are and what I have observed as well as my recommendations to address any issues that they may not even know are present. They put their trust in me to do them no harm and that requires open communication between us before, during and after the massage.”


If purchasing multiple sessions/month as a contract, 30 min sessions are $25/each.

Bronze Contract: Once/mo

Silver Contract: Twice/mo

Gold Contract: Four times/mo


Massage:  Intro 60 min massage $50

15 min sports massage $20

30 min massage: $40

45 min massage:  $55

60 min massage: $75

90 min massage:  $105  


Massage Packages

Package of four 15 min sports massage:  $60

Package of five 30 min massages:  $150

Package of five 45 min massages:  $250

Package of five 60 min massages:  $300


Monthly Massage Contracts

Can do the four 15 min sports massages as a monthly contract at $60/mo

One 60 min massage/mo:  $60

Once weekly 60 min massage:  $240/mo


EMILY EICHNER: Holistic Lifestyle Coach

C.H.E.K Institute Certified

Like many of you, Em has been plagued by stress and prone to anxiety since a young age. She started her exploration into holistic health during college after picking up a roomate's cookbook and slowly learning to make her own meals. Cleaning up her diet hugely helped with both physical and mental health. Soon after graduating, Em realized there were still a lot of issues, however, and began to learn about natural movement and how to incorporate fitness into her schedule that are energizing, not draining. But there was still one piece that was missing, until she found the CHEK Institute and read "How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy." With all three of the major aspects of health falling into place (food, fitness, and lifestyle), Em finally found a balance and although it is a struggle to maintain, it has been so life-giving that she wants to share about this journey with everyone!
Although she's a civil engineer during the week (she focuses on sustainable consturction), she loves helping others learn about holistic health and how it can help heal both the mind the the body. Em is certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute and uses this experience in one-on-one coaching and teaching classes/workshops at Pittsburgh Fitness Project. She specializes in Mindfulness and how it can lead to stress-reduction.



STEFANIE ZITO: Yoga Instructor

500 Hour YogaWorks Certified Yoga Instructor

Stefanie is a Pittsburgh-based 500 hour YogaWorks graduate. In addition to her YogaWorks certification, she also is certified to teach Love Your Brain friendly classes, which specialize in work with TBI survivors. 


"I first began my yoga journey by looking for a low impact workout after a bicycle accident that broke my leg at the knee. Originally, I had only expected to approach yoga as another way to safely move and build strength and healing in my body. What I discovered within this journey was so much more. This practice has become inseparable from the overall way in which I live and move and have my being in this world. Yoga has become for me not only a moving meditation, but a lifestyle by which I can engage this world with a growing discovery of beauty, spaciousness, and breath. I am continually both humbled and inspired by this healing and life-changing power of dynamic, joyful, and intentional movement that unites body, mind, and spirit."

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