Brian Clista is a local pediatrician and has been a competitive runner since junior high school. He started personal training with Tom Duer, PFP’s co-owner, several years ago. Brian and Tom often had discussions about childhood obesity and health so when an opportunity arose to start offering fitness classes in the space where Tom was training, they decided to form their own fitness company.


The idea blossomed into a company where people could meet all their health and fitness needs under one roof, offering personal training with monthly fitness assessments, group fitness classes, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching.


Brian hopes that the Pittsburgh community can fully utilize the services to enjoy life to its fullest!


CLAUDIA GRIFFIN: Massage Therapist


In 2013, Claudia enrolled in and graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX, earning a license in Massage Therapy. She views massage as more than just a relaxing experience, which it definitely is. However, massage is also a part of her client’s journey to their overall wellness.


“I view Massage Therapy as a team effort between my client and myself. Through communication and observation, the intent of each massage is determined by this team. Each time I see that client, the intent can and often changes, depending on any changes in my client’s life. Massage is touching a client with empathy, compassion, intent and with their permission. The intent of a massage session is determined by what they feel their needs are and what I have observed as well as my recommendations to address any issues that they may not even know are present. They put their trust in me to do them no harm and that requires open communication between us before, during and after the massage.”


MATT MRAZIK: Dietitian/Nutritionist

Registered and Pennsylvania Licensed

Matt Mrazik is a Registered and Pennsylvania Licensed, Dietitian/Nutritionist. Matt graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition. While having a passion not only for the importance of food, nutrition, and healthful eating but also recognizing and wanting to better incorporate the principles of exercise and movement into a total and comprehensive plan for health, Matt completed several graduate courses in the area of exercise physiology as well at Pitt.

Upon graduation, and successfully passing the national certification exam from the Commission on Dietetic Registration, Matt went on to become a registered dietitian and worked as a Clinical Dietitian in the hospital setting for several years, including work at the Joslin Diabetes Clinic in Pittsburgh. In addition to his work there with both inpatient and outpatient group educational sessions, he also worked with the hospital’s protein sparing modified fasting program (Optifast). Always wanting to work in medical sales, Matt went on to work in various sales, business development, corporate wellness and technical support roles at companies which included: Johnson & Johnson, Bayer Diabetes Care, Nestle Health Science, Alere (now Abbott) and AgaMatrix. More recently, Matt has worked as a performance dietitian at EXOS with individual clients as well as a work as a nutrition educator, presenting too many business clients/employers. Matt is presently a Diabetes Prevention Program expert coach at Livongo, where he has nearly 100 members in his cohort groups that he interacts with on a weekly basis with this digital healthcare company. Matt’s areas of interest and specialty include diabetes/diabetes prevention, sports nutrition, weight management, and motivational nutrition coaching. Matt is also a Certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach.

Matt’s approach to nutrition education is simple:  meet his clients where they are on their healthcare journey. Recognizing that everyone is at a different point in their journey with  various levels of nutrition education and experiences, along with a history of potential wins as well as barriers to success, Matt’s years of sales training, and highly refined communication, interviewing and listening skills, help in gaining that information with each client that he works with. Additionally, through the incorporation of self-monitoring behaviors, Matt seeks to involve his clients, to facilitate essential learning.

If you tell me something, I’ll forget it. If you show me, I may remember, but if you involve me, I will learn!

If you would like to schedule an evaluation with Matt, contact him through the button below or click below to schedule your initial free eval!

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