A Weekend of Seminars!

weekend full of seminars
Well friends, can you believe it’s already May? Seriously, where does the time go? We also can’t believe we are also gearing up for our 5th Wellness Series Seminar! The Wellness Series Seminars are something we look forward to hosting every month. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. And we especially love that we can provide this insight to you for FREE! This month’s seminar is extremely exciting as we are hosting not just one seminar but two over the course of the day! What will they entail you may ask? Well, keep reading to learn about all we are offering in this weekend of seminars!

Pull-Up Seminar with Sandor

Starting at 9:00 am this Saturday, May 12, our very own Sandor is going to host his very first fitness seminar at PFP. The topic is something many have struggled with as they go through their fitness journey – the pull up. This seminar welcomes all fitness lovers no matter their experience! Here you will learn the basics of this skill – proper form, modifications, exercises to help build required strength, and tips and tricks – to help you master this daunting exercise!

Work/Life Balance Seminar

Stick around (or join in later) at 1:00 pm for a talk with Dr Sarah Flaherty, an emergency room physician about work/life balance and the importance of rest and recovery. We all know how difficult finding work/life balance can be. Most days feel like a blur as we try and tackle everything on our to-do lists. We become so work focused that we often forget about the life part of that balance! Sometimes we even hustle so hard that we often forget how important rest and recovery even are! Come join us as she shares insight on diagraming your life for success and happiness. And a reminder to take our M.E.D.S. – aka Meditate, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep!

Remember, both of these seminars are absolutely FREE and are happening THIS SATURDAY! So stop by, say hello, and check them out! You aren’t going to want to miss them! Can’t wait to see you then! And make sure to check out our other Wellness Seminar Series events! They are every second Saturday of the month. We plan on discussing a full range of health topics. Each seminar is entirely FREE to the public! So come on and join us for more health endeavors!

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