Do transformation promises actually work? Well, many of them can, if we strictly follow them. Begin your transformation with PFP!

Interested in losing weight? Maybe just maintaining your current weight? Or, maybe it’s improving your overall health and eating better? The reality is that most of us are. And we don’t have to look very far either for advice, solutions, diets, fads, must have foods, supplements, equipment and more. Ok . . . but the question is, do these transformation promises actually work? Well, many of them can, if we strictly follow them. (Did I say, strictly follow?)

But keeping in mind that you are the expert on you, and you know that many are unsustainable, why even begin with some of these? After all, our goals should be realistic, right? And the ways to get us there should be the same. Well, we have some good news. We want to help cut through the noise, bring in the facts & science, but also simplify so much of all of this for our members!

Transform with PFP

Here are a few things, that are likely to more easily and seamlessly fit into our lives- for the long term. Did you know studies show that people who merely log meals and snacks, lose twice as much weight as those that don’t? (Think, when you bite it . . . write it!)

How about counting calories- should we do it? For most of us, probably not. Simple, self-monitoring behaviors have been shown to be the keys to long term weight management and improving health. Do you have an activity goal and do you track it? You should! How about a balanced plate? Surely, you know what that is . . . right? How many did you have last week?

A More Functionally Fit You

If you are looking to lose weight, or just need some guidance on basic meal planning or simply eating better, improving your overall health . . . well, we have some great news for you! I will be providing more information on many of these topics during the 30 Day Transformation Challenge seminars on July 6th and 13th. Mark your calendars now, and get your questions ready. I hope to see you then!

MATT MRAZIK: Dietitian/Nutritionist
Registered and Pennsylvania Licensed

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