Training with Gina

Hi everyone! I’m Gina Moss. I’m a trainer, barbell coach, and group instructor here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project.


My Fitness Background


My fitness journey began at a young age when I was involved in various sports.  However, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I really started to prioritize strength training and improving general physical wellness. I remember how uneasy I felt stepping foot into the gym and learning to lift weights for the first time. I’ve learned quite a lot since then, and I enjoy using my experience and education to help others who may feel some uncertainty about starting a fitness routine.


After about a year or so of working out on my own, I decided to join a Crossfit gym, which led me to find my passion for Olympic-style weightlifting. Eventually wanting to pursue weightlifting further, I joined the barbell club here at PFP.  What I discovered from my years as a member here is that I enjoy coaching equally as much as I enjoy training!


Training Style and Philosophy


As a trainer, I provide encouragement, guidance, and education.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing others reach milestones they didn’t think they were capable of.  I am also a firm believer in establishing key fundamentals to ensure proper movement patterns and injury prevention.


My philosophy is based on consistency and patience, which I believe are the two most important components of any fitness routine. Establishing attainable short-term goals in which you can monitor your progress is a crucial component in achieving your long-term vision of success.

Education and Certifications


I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has her USA Weightlifting (USAW-L1) certification.  She also holds a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant.


Training With Gina


My experience in both fitness and rehabilitation has helped to shape my training style and eye for movement. My background has provided me the skills to work with a wide array of individuals with varying levels of experience. Whether it is your first day in the gym, or you are a long-time gym enthusiast, I’ll make sure to come up with a plan suited to your unique goals.


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