Tips to Get Through the Holidays: Part Two

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A few weeks ago, we began discussing tips to help you have a fitter holiday season. And today, I want to add to them! It’s really easy to get off track during this time of year. You’re eating rich food you don’t normally have that have a high amount of calories. And family sometimes guilt trip you when you proclaim that you’re full. Not to mention, the weather may not be conducive for your outdoor workouts. And let’s be real, the holiday food tastes so good!

Tips for a Fitter Holiday Season

That being said, let’s jump back into some tips to help make this year different than any other. Let’s jump into tips for a fitter holiday season!

Don’t Eat Until You Can’t Anymore

A good rule of thumb I read a while ago was to eat until you are 80% full. That resonated with me especially because I tend to overeat and end up feeling really bloated for a while. If you can combine this tip and the last, you won’t be feeling the “damage,” as much the next day.

Eat a Lot of Vegetables, Fiber, and Fruit

Depending on the household, your meal may not have as many nutrient-dense foods. Get that taken care of throughout the day by having some seasonal vegetables such as butternut squash, pumpkin, or zucchini as a source of vegetables. Having a dark, leafy green salad sometime during the day could also go a long way come dinner time. Having a lot of fiber can also help your digestive system work better by slowing the process down. And helping you absorb your nutrients better. You can eat these foods whenever you like. And if you chose to have them close to dinner, you won’t be as hungry to eat all the heavy food available.

Take a Probiotic Before or After Dinner

Probiotics help support healthy gut bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria can dictate how healthy your digestive system is and your overall well being. When you take care of your digestive health, your moods will be better, your body will absorb more nutrients, and you won’t have so many “my stomach hurts,” kind of days. Some good sources of probiotics are kefir and sauerkraut. Even just a couple swigs of plain kefir or a couple spoonfuls of sauerkraut before or after a heavy meal can go a long way.

Think of Your Goals

You’ve been here before. You’ve been working hard since Labor Day, coming to the gym consistently and enjoying some of the results you’ve been seeing. The season has started to change, the days are shorter, it’s getting cold, and the last thing you feel like doing when it’s dark outside at 5:00 PM is working out. Especially when you won’t have to wear a swimsuit for at least 5 months. This is where most people mess up big time. If you have been a quest to lose weight, get stronger, or build muscle, these goals take time. Eating a crazy amount of food and drinking alcohol over 3 days or the holiday time can take up to a week to bounce back to your normal self, assuming you end up working out and eating properly after. Sometimes people never bounce back from Thanksgiving and then compound that with Hanukkah or Christmas and before you know it you’ve gained more than 10 pounds before the end of the year. Make this year different. Think of all the work you’ve put in and take some of these tips with you to your holiday parties and festivities this year.

Do the Holidays Stress You Out?

I hope that everyone has a great holiday with their families. And can put some of these tips for a fitter holiday season to practice. Doing any of these tips will help you feel like your better self throughout the holiday. And prevent you from getting too far off track! For those of you that are new around here, make sure to check out our weekly class schedule. And for those of you looking for more specialized and focused classes, come on in and check out our new Power Hour Program! We’re even hosting a special class on Thanksgiving morning for those wanting to get a great workout in before turkey time!

And remember you can always try personal training with me! While your fitness goals, injuries, health history, and path in life are unique to you, personal trainers here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project can guarantee that we hold you accountable when it comes to reaching your goals.  As part of this process, we have instituted monthly fitness assessments for all clients so they can track progress, reassess goals and add new ones. Schedule your free fitness evaluation today by clicking here!  Let’s get started.

Happy Exercising!


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