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stay at home mom

Let me preface this “stay at home mom” blog with this:

  • I am beyond grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to be able to be a stay at home mom with my first born.
  • This is not knock on moms who go back to work whether by choice or financial necessity.

Truth is I like to work…

And I didn’t see myself staying at home with Ryan until she was born. It did make sense in my husband and I’s situation financially, for me to stay at home. Plus I was in love with this little girl and my heart broke thinking about leaving her.

Fast forward 6 months (Ryan’s current age), I love her even more then the day she was born but DANG, do I enjoy Moms time away from the house more than ever. Being a stay at home mom is TOUGH. The months are short but the days are long. The monotonous routine blends the days together and I am sometimes lost in where we are at in the week.

The endless nursing, cleaning, diapers, laundry, dishes, and the restlessness of doing it all on her schedule is exhausting.

I came across a clear explanation from a fellow mom at bible study of why the transition to being a stay at home mom from a working a full-time job is so tough. We as humans love to quantify everything we do. We want to always “check stuff off the list”. Not only do we want to see our own productivity, but we want others to see it as well. And even if you didn’t work a job that is task oriented, you at least got to see your paycheck as a measurement of your time put in. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) you don’t get the satisfaction of “checking things off the list”. You may have a clean home at 11:30am but will get no recognition for it when it is dirty by 11:45am. I find myself busy all day long, but by the end of the day I feel as though I have nothing to show for it. My husband rolls in and although he doesn’t say it, I know he is probably thinking, “why are you still bra-less and hair looks like you got into a fight with a weed eater.” The struggles.

But here is the take home message. By writing this Blog I have come to this, it is not about how clean my house is, how fancy my homemade dinners are, and how many loads of laundry I can get done in a day.

It is about Ryan

I am at home to be Ryan’s mom. I am home to spend quality time with her and show her this world. And I don’t think she cares how many windows I can clean. For those of you also needing a little “me time”, click here to check out the PFP class schedule! New Mom Fitness is always Wednesdays from 12-1 pm!

Also, for those interested our Squat Now, Wine Later event is THIS Thursday from 6:30-8:00:

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