mindful during busy season
It’s difficult staying mindful in the midst of a busy season. One of the major barriers to incorporating mindfulness in people’s’ lives is simply having too much to do. Sometimes this calls for cutting back and decreasing any unnecessary activities. A lot of times, though, this situation cannot be avoided. Whether it be raising small children, a demanding job, sickness, or any all-consuming situation, hectic times often spring upon us and it is all we can do to simply tread water, let alone add in mindfulness practices.

So what do you do when circumstances interfere with your peace of mind?

When I encounter seasons of business, I use intentional thoughts and actions that have kept me mindful despite less than ideal circumstances. Here are a few examples:

1.     Know that you do not need an abundance of time to practice mindfulness

Most simple breathing exercises take 1-3 minutes and can affect your mindset throughout the entire day. Try some basic mindfulness exercises here!

2.     Find a community, or even just one other person, who can speak encouragement into your life

Having support will make a world of difference for any new initiative you might try. That’s why I love the wellness series classes at Pittsburgh Fitness Project and the built-in community around this gym. I also love to grab a friend who values living intentionally too, and go on a walk while talking through and encouraging each other in our difficulties. One of my closest friends will text me when she knows I have a difficult day or meeting to get through and ask “What are you doing to stay mindful in this moment?” That simple reminder is all I need in those times to pause and focus on the moment.

3.      Keep in mind that every busy season is just a season

Life ebbs and flows in many ways, and business is definitely one of those. When you are in the midst of a more active season it feels as if this time will last forever, but focus on the fact that life is not meant to be like that. Remembering that the stage you are currently in is temporary will give you the energy to stay mindful in the present moment.

What do you think, is it possible to remain mindful when your life is full of activity? If so, what are your strategies? Leave a comment below so we can all have more tools in our belt for beating the stress of business. And make sure to check out our Wellness Seminar Series! They are every second Saturday of the month. We plan on discussing a full range of health topics. Each seminar is entirely FREE to the public! So come on and join us for more health endeavors!

EM EICHNER: C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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