Spending Too Much at the Grocery Store?

spending too much at the grocery store

Spending Too Much at the Grocery Store?


How many times have you heard “I would love to eat more healthy, it’s just too expensive” or “Wow, I can’t believe I just spent 150 bucks on groceries!”  Do you feel like you’re spending too much at the grocery store?  


Going to the grocery store and spending $150-200 dollars a week may seem like too much money to feed yourself and your family. It might even make you angry that you have to pay so much money for food. It seems terribly overpriced.


Gaining Perspective on That Spending

However, as human beings, we like easy and quick meals. Food delivery apps make easy happen, super quick, and at a premium price point. When we are hungry and want food, we don’t bat an eye at a $60 dollar order from GrubHub. A burger and fries cost almost $30 dollars with delivery and tip.  When it gets to your house, it’s always soggy and never as good as you imagined. Prove me wrong!


Let’s just say this same week you order takeout, you also go out to eat and spend $80 on dinner and drinks. Between the takeout and dinner out, you’ve spent $140 on two meals. That’s nearly the same as the amount spent on groceries for the entire week!


Don’t feel like you can never get take out again either. This blog isn’t a rant against going out to eat. It’s a chance for you to gain some perspective on how many meals $150 can get you!


Eating whole food from the store definitely is not cheap. But when you compare it with going out to eat or getting takeout for a few meals, the price is about the same. 


Next time you’re at the store, keep this in mind when you’re shopping. Spend a few more bucks at the store to get what you really need and save some money on the takeout.  You’ll feel better in the long run.


Nutrition Coaching

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