New Year, Same You? Revisiting Resolutions

Did you know 80% fail to keep their resolutions by February? Today is January 24th - is it time you should begin revisiting resolutions?

A New Year, a New You! How often do we hear that phrase during the month of January?  Every year, Americans make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives but 80% fail to keep those resolutions by February. Today is January 24th. Is it time you should begin revisiting resolutions? How can you make sure you don’t fall into that 80%?

Revisiting Resolutions: Start Small!

Often, when we set goals for the New Year, they are pretty broad:  “I want to exercise more.”  “I want to eat better.”  “I want to destress more often.”  Make a small change that you can sustain first.  After it’s become a routine, set another small goal.  When I first started personal training years ago, my trainer and now business partner, Tom Duer, had me submit a diet log for review.  He saw that I consumed a lot of sugar with my Starbucks lattes.  My change?  Halving the syrup.  I got so used to the reduction, that now I can’t stand a latte “with all the pumps.”  It’s a habit that I’ve sustained for years, and It’s helped me maintain a steady weight.

Schedule It!

It sounds like common sense, but unless you set aside the time to meet your goals, you can’t achieve them.  Want to exercise more?  Get a personal trainer and schedule your workouts each week.  Trying to eat healthier?  Schedule time every week to do food prep.  Put your schedule someplace where you’ll be sure to see it:  your smart phone calendar or a large calendar in your kitchen.   I schedule my runs or personal training sessions because I know I’ll always find another reason to do something else. 

Be Creative and Flexible!

Look for ways to meet your goals that are sustainable.  Be creative in the process.  If you see me at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project in the early afternoon, I’ll often be vacuuming our exercise turf but I’m also meditating.    It’s one of the ways that I de-stress during the week in addition to running.  That back and forth motion of vacuuming helps me to clear my mind, and I’ll often come up with solutions to issues or ideas for projects, like this blog.  For me, the steady cadence of a run does the same.  Want to exercise more?  Take the stairs every day at work instead of the elevator.   Looking to de-stress?  Practice mindfulness at work by taking a short walk around the office and counting your steps to clear your mind.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Had a rough day and reached for that cookie at work?  Exhausted after a long day and skipped that exercise class?  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Start fresh the next day.  Not ready to tackle a new goal because of a family issue?  Revisit your goal in a few months and write down the date on your calendar so you actually do it instead of waiting until the next New Year.  Be kind to yourself, and you’ll reap the rewards over time.

Get a Buddy or Enlist Your Partner!

Having a “partner in crime” can make reaching a goal more attainable and keeps you accountable to someone other than yourself.  Looking to exercise more?  Do personal training with a friend or go to work out classes together.   Join a running club and try that 5K you wanted to do.   Want to eat better?  Do meal prep with a friend or your spouse to cut the time.   Doing something in a group usually makes everything a bit easier!

How Can We Help?

Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid resolution fatigue and enjoy the process of meeting your goals.  Check out all the options we offer to help you meet your needs! Try our small group fitness training with our Power Hour classes. Or partner training with a personal trainer.

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