Pregnant Tummy No More

pregnant tummy no more

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight

There is no magic to this tip and quite frankly you may be disappointed. When people ask me how I got back into shape, the truth is, it is what I did in the years prior to my pregnant tummy that made a huge difference postpartum.

Four years ago I started my journey of consistently creating space in my life for healthy eating and physical activity. It had its ups, and its down, but I continued to make it important. It is the relationship that preexisted with fitness that I owe credit to. I feel for mothers trying to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Motherhood is exhausting and getting a workout in is not only daunting in the amount of energy it takes, but when we do have the energy, we may not have the time.

You may be discouraged by this tip as it is hindsight

But you have the opportunity to start today to take your health in an upward spiral (for your next pregnancy 😉 Here is what you need to do:

Go for a 25 minute walk daily for 2 weeks. It may not feel like you are “working out”, but what you are doing is setting a routine and resetting your brain to make it apart of your day. After 2 weeks, you can take another simple step forward. It is in this process that fitness and health becomes a part of your life.

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