Goal Setting: Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer

goal setting personal trainer

Imagine the last time you tried goal setting. A goal for any aspect of your life. Maybe you’ve tried reaching it for years. Perhaps you’ve hit some speed bumps or dead ends along the way. There is so much information available at our fingertips. We can have some luck sifting through all the myths and…

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Essential Oils: Can They Really Help?

essential oils

My Exploration With Essential Oils I have been pretty late to the game when it comes to essential oils. I just started experimenting with them starting about a month ago. Personally, I have noticed that they help alleviate my symptoms, especially with anxiousness. As a caveat, I do not have diagnosed anxiety, but only a…

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Vegetable and Grain Salad

vegetable and grain salad

In the summer, I love to incorporate as many fresh vegetables as possible into every meal. Yes, we have access to most produce on a daily basis. But I swear fruits and veggies taste so much better when they’re in season. Today’s recipe is for a vegetable and grain salad. This salad is loaded with…

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Functionally Fit: The Old Man Series

functionally fit

I love to run. It’s a love that started when I tried competitive running in junior high. And it is something I have continued with now into my 50’s. Running gives me a sense of freedom. It’s supportive not only in my physical health but my mental health as well. Running isn’t anything fancy and…

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Your Lack of Trust is Holding You Back

lack of trust

Have you hit a road block in your progress? Do you jump from program to program? Are you constantly second guessing your coach? I would bet all three of these are related to a lack of faith. I am not talking specifically talking about Biblical Faith. But Biblical Faith isn’t completely unrelated. I am referring…

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How Journaling Helped Me Become Mindful

journaling helped me become mindful

Journaling is perhaps one of the more commonly recommended self-reflection techniques. This is for good reason – it ensures a certain amount of time spent in reflection, it is therapeutic, and it helps detox your mind through processing. This practice does not have to be every day, though, as is so often prescribed. Once a…

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More Like Babies

more like babies

Every morning Ryan wakes up and there is excitement in her eyes. The curiosity of what her day will bring never gets old. Babies amaze me with their over enthusiastic attitude toward anything new. As long has Ryan’s basic necessities are met, she is (for the most part) pretty dang happy. Being a mom really…

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Summer Cleaning

summer cleaning

Well, it seems we skipped past spring, as summer has already been in full bloom!  Is your body in need of some summer cleaning?  Do you find yourself sitting for the majority of the day, choosing processed food, or feeling tired and stressed out frequently? Here are 5 tips to getting your body functioning back to…

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Mindful Self-Care

mindful self-care

There has been a lot of buzz around both the ideas of “self-care” and “mindfulness” lately, but I have rarely seen any stated connection between the two. Self-care seems to be described more as actions you take and mindfulness more as thoughts alone. But what about the concept of mindful self-care?

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