More Like Babies

more like babies

Every morning Ryan wakes up and there is excitement in her eyes. The curiosity of what her day will bring never gets old. Babies amaze me with their over enthusiastic attitude toward anything new. As long has Ryan’s basic necessities are met, she is (for the most part) pretty dang happy. Being a mom really…

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Summer Cleaning

summer cleaning

Well, it seems we skipped past spring, as summer has already been in full bloom!  Is your body in need of some summer cleaning?  Do you find yourself sitting for the majority of the day, choosing processed food, or feeling tired and stressed out frequently? Here are 5 tips to getting your body functioning back to…

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Mindful Self-Care

mindful self-care

There has been a lot of buzz around both the ideas of “self-care” and “mindfulness” lately, but I have rarely seen any stated connection between the two. Self-care seems to be described more as actions you take and mindfulness more as thoughts alone. But what about the concept of mindful self-care?

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Power Hour for the Cure

power hour for the cure

You’re invited to POWER HOUR for the CURE!  Get ready to sweat and have a good time for a great cause! This amazing event is going to take place this Thursday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. Those who attend get a great workout with Pittsburgh’s top fitness trainers. Have the opportunity to win prizes and…

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Fail, Fail Often, & Fail Forward

fail forward

Failing. I don’t care who you are. But we all fail. Some of us fail big. Some of us fail small. And while failure is perceived to be this super negative thing, it’s actually the biggest learning tool we have. Today I want to share my story of  failure. And how I used the concept…

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PFP Pass & PFP Ultimate


As we’ve been mentioning, PFP is going through it’s own kind of transformation. Starting this month we’re shaking it up and giving you more value for your health. Today we want to cover some FAQ’s about our new PFP Pass and PFP Ultimate!

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Changes Coming to Group Exercise

group exercise

Change is in the air at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project. Starting June 4th, you’ll notice that there have been some changes to our group exercise program. There are some new things you will notice. We are starting up some new classes. Class times are shifting. Open gym membership is including different classes. And some new…

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Babies: AKA Movement Educators

movement educators

I certainly enjoy staring at my son. Don’t get me wrong, I also really enjoy it when he naps… but sometimes even after pining for naptime to roll around so I can steal some quiet or gather a collection of task-oriented moments, I often find myself staring at pictures or videos of him. After much fixed gazing…

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Missing My Meals!

missing my meals

Another Chapter in My Meal Prep Adventure I needed to write this blog after missing my meals and an entire week of meal prepping. We were out of state for a college graduation and did not get home until midnight on Sunday so meal prep was impossible last week. We reverted back to our old pattern of buying…

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A Mindful Eating Blog

mindful eating blog

Mindful eating can help with so many of people’s’ common ailments. How many people have multiple stomach aches every week and are constantly hungry? When I eat slower, I tend to eat less, better absorb my food, and feel more satisfied with my meals. I used to have so many problems: overeating, always famished, frequent…

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