Pointers for Allergy Season

pointers for allergy season
It’s finally warm!  The trees are blooming!  My eyes are itching and burning!  It’s allergy time again folks.  As a fellow allergy sufferer, I can appreciate the struggles of allergy season. But I’m here to help give you a few pointers for allergy season.

Here are a few pointers for allergy season that I’ve learned over many seasons.

  1. Check the Allegheny County website for daily pollen counts.  If it’s a high count day, look for some indoor activities. (Like a class at our air conditioned Pittsburgh Fitness Project space)
  2. Wash your face off after coming in from outdoors.  You’ll eliminate any allergens that may stick to your eyelashes and trigger that eye itchiness.
  3. If your eyes get really itchy, try some Natural Tears to flush out the allergens.  Keep the drops refrigerated.  It will help kill the itch even better.
  4. Use saline nose sprays after coming inside.  A few squirts up each nostril followed by a quick blow of the nose will rinse out any allergens that make it into your nasal passages.
  5. Take a daily over the counter antihistamine during allergy season.  (Always check with your own doctor before taking any medication, even if it’s over the counter.)
  6. Make sure you shower and change clothes soon after you come inside if you’ve been out during the day.
  7. If you have summer allergies, use air conditioning if you have it and clean or change filters frequently.

You can check with your doctor regarding other allergy medications or nasal sprays if the season is a particularly bad one for you.

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BRIAN CLISTA, MD: PFP Co-Owner, Director of Wellness

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