Building a Fit and Functional You

So you've started your fitness journey. You've taken some classes and maybe have even started your own wellness routine. The PFP Ultimate Pass is created for those wanting to live a full and active life. We don't think about training to reach a certain aesthetic, rather help your body do all the things you want to do - like hiking, swimming, chasing after the kids, and running with your four-legged friends! For $125 per month, The PFP Ultimate Pass gives you access to EVERYTHING PFP has to offer! Click the button below to get started with your fitness assessment!


In this small group training session, our Personal Trainers will run you through a 60-minute training session and provide structured workouts each day to improve strength and conditioning for specific muscle groups. Each hour starts with a 10-minute warm-up, progresses to a 45-minute workout, and ends with 5 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. Sessions cycle throughout the week to complete a total body workout with recovery at the end of the week. 


The PFP Ultimate Pass allows pass holders to participate in a number of our PFP classes. These include Active Recovery Yoga, Athletic Pilates, PFP Low Impact, and PFP Burn!


- fun & supportive -


Gyms can be intimidating. And we should know. Collectively, our trainers have worked at a number of them. While many gyms claim to be a judgement free zone, many of them sure don't feel that way - which is why we made the decision to start out own! At PFP we pride ourselves on being the most welcoming gym to any and everyone. Heck, we even encourage you to bring your mom!

- small group training with -


Are you tired of getting lost in the crowd? At PFP, we make sure our sessions are small, meaning you still get the energy of a group environment, but where the trainer actually knows your name! These small settings ensure safety and proper form, giving you the best workout we possibly can! You'll love it so much you'll start to wonder why you put up with being invisible for so long!

- specialized sessions which focus on -


Are you over total body sessions or wanting to learn more specific targeting training? Our new and improved fitness sessions focus on just that - customized training for you, minus the cost of a personal trainer. Classes will now specify training splits. Did you go for a run yesterday but want to take class today? Now you can choose an upper body focused class to give those legs a break!

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The PFP Unlimited Pass can be canceled at any time but must be done in writing via email at info@pittsburghfitnessproject.com

A fitness assessment is recommended before purchase of the PFP Ultimate Pass

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