Personal Training

At Pittsburgh Fitness Project our Personal Trainers are 100% Client Focused. In other words, we are here for you! We spent a great deal of time developing our Personal Training Department with one primary goal: to make sure that we always put the client’s needs first. We keep things simple: we listen, we listen some more, and then we provide you with information on services we offer that can help you reach your goals. We want you to have a positive experience from the moment you enter the building until the moment you leave, even if you don’t purchase anything!


We don’t believe in locking members into long-term contracts, incentivizing our trainers with commissions on sales, or using gimmicks, schemes, or pushy and unethical sales practices to enroll new members.


We always start with our comprehensive fitness evaluation in order to gain a complete understanding of your desired outcomes. During this complimentary assessment we’re able to establish baseline data by collecting pertinent information including your exercise history, past injuries or limitations, lifestyle habits, short and long-term goals, and nutritional habits among other areas. The information collected allows our certified personal trainers to develop a safe and effective program to help you reach all of your goals!

Fitness Pricing

30 Minute Sessions

$45 per Session
  • 10 sessions for $400
  • $40/session if part of Month-to-Month Plan

45 Minute Sessions

$60 per Session
  • 10 sessions for $525
  • $52.50/ Session if part of Month-to Month Plan

60 Minute Sessions

$80 per Session
  • 10 sessions or $700
  • $70/session if part of Month-to-Month Plan

Why Utilize Personal Training?

After completing the written evaluation and passing the Physical Activity Preparedness Questionnaire you will be led through various movement screenings based on the feedback we received in the written section of the assessment. This is to ensure that you are performing exercises in a safe and effective manner as well as a chance for our staff to address any imbalances. This part of the assessment allows us to determine your readiness for specific classes as well as providing recommendations for the time and frequency of a training package.

Upon completion of the fitness assessment we will provide our professional opinion on what it will take to reach your goals and the services that we are able to offer.

Check Out This Review


I love this place! My personal trainer, Jake, is amazing! He has helped me so much with my running form and I am now pain free when I run!! The rest of the staff is also very knowledgeable and very welcoming. I love that they use science backed methods to help you achieve your goals. They also have a great class schedule to suit everyones needs.  I highly recommend PFP to anyone looking for an amazing place to workout!

- Lindsay, Pittsburgh PA