Fitness Beginnings

Hello, Pittsburgh! My name is Kareem Selwaeh. I am a new Personal Trainer, Barbell Coach & Class Instructor here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project.  My fitness passion began when I was a scrawny 18-year-old kid that never lifted weights but practiced martial arts. I worked to achieve my second-degree black belt in karate where I also became an instructor. Karate was where my desire to help others and to coach began for me.

My Fitness Journey

I later started weight lifting on my own but then joined a Crossfit gym, where I competed heavily.  In 2015, I began coaching in Williamsburg, PA as a Crossfit coach, athletic performance coach, and personal trainer.  I went on to study Exercise Science at Radford University in Virginia. My education there gave me the opportunity to intern with the Virginia Tech Olympic sports strength and conditioning team as well as Radford University’s strength & conditioning program. While interning, I learned a lot about sport-specific programming and leading Division 1 athletes through in-season and off-season training. I mainly worked with wrestling, baseball, women’s soccer, volleyball, and swimming & diving. I continued to coach at a private gym in Christiansburg, VA as a strength & technique coach and class instructor. While at Radford, I was a part of their rugby team for three years. Currently, I am a competitive athlete in Olympic weightlifting. I have competed at three USAW American Open finals and two USAW National meets.


Trainer Philosophy and Clientele

I have worked with a wide range of individuals on different physical spectrums and have come to know to adapt my coaching style dependent upon my clients’ needs. My coaching philosophy revolves around three mentalities: effort, accountability, and respect.  To me, a coach should be someone who makes an effort each and every session to help their client achieve new goals while setting a new training minimum. As a coach, we should also be accountable to the client and respect them as an athlete or individual. These philosophies are also what I  expect from my clients and athletes. My goal as a coach is to help any individual who walks through the door in achieving a healthier lifestyle. I’m looking for clients who are eager to begin that healthier lifestyle and change their lives.

You can follow my story on IG and FB at @kareem_selwaeh.


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