Nutrition Coaching

Did you know we offer nutrition coaching at our fitness center? Achieving your optimal health and fitness level doesn't just happen by doing burpees, squats, and pushups. Nutrition is an important role too and we're here to help guide you towards your goals! At PFP, our primary goal and overall philosophy is to help our clients find balance with food and living a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we want to make sure this lifestyle is sustainable. We want to help you eat better and think about food differently. Don't worry, we aren't going to put you on a diet, nor do we ever want you to feel deprived. We want to help you ditch those "food rules" of trendy magazines and leave behind fad diets. We'll help you incorporate fitness into your life, without it taking over. But most importantly, our promise is to help you both achieve and maintain your goals, even when life seems to get in the way!


• Meal Planning

• Creating Effective and Individualized
Calorie and Macronutrient Goals

• Devising a customizable game plan to
help clients reach their nutrition and
fitness goals

• Educating Clients About Healthy and Nutrient Dense Foods

• Finding/Creating Healthy and Nutrient Dense Recipes 

• Giving Talks on Common Health Related Topics

The Results...?

We do things a little differently here at PFP. Our goal isn't to get you into a specific pant size or get you shredded like a fitness model. Sure, those are solid goals to go after, but realistically, those kinds of goals just don't keep you motivated - especially if you fall off the cliché "health and fitness wagon." Yes, you will lose some weight. You'll drop some sizes and lean out. But more important are the things you will GAIN with our nutrition coach. You will build physical strength and confidence in your body. We want you to gain mental confidence and no longer hide and shy away from opportunities and experiences. We want to help you let go of food confusion and learn what to do, and how to do it in the way that works best for your body.

Let's work together to get off of all those diet rollercoasters once and for all.

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I had a fantastic experience working with with PFP in nutrition. I gained a lot of clarity regarding my diet and my nutritional goals, and I am much more confident in my ability to work towards them.

- Mick L.