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Happy New Year 2020!

Any New Year’s resolutions centered around diet and food? Sure, we all have them. Want to know how long they last? Well, on average, come January 12th, most people will ditch them and move on. There is some good news . . . about 10% of those that make them, do keep them!

At those rates of success though, is it worth this ritual each year? For most, probably not. Is there a better way? I think so! When it comes to food and eating, I know you’re doing something that works for you. Take some time as the new year begins to reflect on that and write down what they are. Even one is a place to start. After you have identified some of these, make them, and maybe a few from our list here, your new year food priorities.

  • Practice mindful eating

Taste and appreciate food. Think table/plate/chair for every meal. Fewer distractions = less consumption, too. Mindfulness may also assist with portion control, weight management, and possibly even digestion- all important factors for long term health.

  • Sugar- Cut it back, even if it’s small amounts at a time

This is a process, but once you start, you’ll realize you don’t need as much of it as you once thought. Some tips: if it’s on the table, remove it. For the ubiquitous sugary drinks and sodas, work to replace these with water, or my favorite, seltzers. Mix several flavored ones too for a taste sensation!

  • Save booze for the weekend.

Lots of empty calories for sure and maybe some poor decisions, too. Skip out on the alcohol during the week and save that special glass of wine or favorite craft beer for the weekend.

  • Get into meal prep and food logging— these are serious game-changers!

You are the expert on you. Weekly meal prep & planning can help you eat better, save money, and time during the week. And did you know that people that log meals and snacks lose twice as much weight as those that don’t? Think, when you bite it . . .  write it!

  • Balance those plates

When you fill it, start with the veggies/produce and make this half the plate, or more. Then add your lean protein and some high fiber carbs. Even 2-3 of these each week is a start.

  • Eat out less often

When we don’t cook or prepare, we lose control. If you do, check out the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and have a plan for a healthier selection. Maybe even eat a light snack at home before heading out.

  • EAT BEANS, every day! Along with legumes and nuts

These can help reinvent your diet and add years to your life! There’s a reason why the world’s longest-living people love legumes, the food group that includes beans, chickpeas, and lentils.


There you have it: Simple, specific and even in small amounts, all beneficial ideas.  These tips will help you keep those New Year’s Diet Resolutions.  Here’s to a healthier you in 2020!


Matt Mrazik, RD

Weight Management & Performance Dietitian

Pittsburgh Fitness Project


Read Matt’s Nutrition Column each month in The Bulletin.  If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a nutrition consultation, contact Matt at

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