New Mom Fitness with Jill

new mom fitness
Yes! Our first New Mom Fitness workout went off without a hitch. And with that I mean crying, some spit up, slobber, and baby toots. But what else would you expect? But that’s the idea behind New Mom Fitness:  a chance for women to get together with other mothers and babies and feel free of judgement and anxiety.

The Unity of Mothers

There is nobody else who is more understanding when it comes to the struggles of motherhood than another mother (sorry dads, but it’s true). The conversation is natural and genuine. Many times this special bond between mothers is immediate and without words. It’s the smile you get in the grocery store while lugging that car seat around, it’s the wave you get while passing along another stroller, and it’s the understanding look when baby is melting down in public. It is all of this that gives you a strength within the unity of all mothers.

As a fitness guru and your leader in New Mom Fitness, you better believe there will be sweat! But more importantly during this special phase of our life, we will bond with each other, our bodies, and of course our new reason for being: our babies.

Join us on Wednesdays from 12 Noon – 1 PM for New Mom fitness.



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