My Most Effective Quarantine Workout – EMOM 

Being in quarantine has given me a lot of time to come up with some unique workouts. While I  used equipment in this workout, it is very adaptable to any skill level and easily modifiable. When I wanted a shorter total body workout, I would use this exercise style called Every Minute On the Minute, also known as EMOM. While this is traditionally a CrossFit form of exercise, I would modify it to use two separate body parts every minute rather than just doing one exercise for the prescribed amount of time.

The Workout!

“Okay, so what was this amazing workout then?” I’ll gladly tell you! I got a timer going and waited until it reached the first minute. Once that timer hit one minute, I did overhead presses with my 24kg kettlebells for 30 seconds, then rested the remainder of the minute. When the timer hit two minutes, I did alternating reverse lunges for 30 seconds with the kettlebells again, then rested the remainder of the minute. I alternated between these two exercises for 20 minutes! That way, by the end you do 10 rounds of overhead presses and 10 rounds of lunges. When you do the math, I spent 5 whole minutes working my upper body and 5 whole minutes working my lower body.

This style of working out is really hard.  As I said, people traditionally do one exercise for the allotted time. The reason I suggest alternating between two completely different exercises is that you can get an efficient total body workout in 20 minutes or less. An added benefit is that you can give one part of your body enough rest while working the other. This ensures quality reps by the time you do the lunges or overhead presses. This style of training also forces you to be locked into a timer rather than being all over the place with your rest periods and dragging out the work.


You may have read the workout thinking that the weight is too heavy or there’s no way that is possible for you to do.  Like I said before, this style of working out is extremely modifiable. Instead of doing 20 minutes, you may have to start with 10 minutes. Instead of doing overhead presses and lunges, you can do pushups/plank hold and squats. Come up with any combination of upper body exercises and lower body exercises and play around with the amount of time you do the EMOM to change up your workout routine!


Sandor Koppanyi

PFP Trainer

Certified Pilates Instructor


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