More Like Babies

more like babies

Every morning Ryan wakes up and there is excitement in her eyes. The curiosity of what her day will bring never gets old. Babies amaze me with their over enthusiastic attitude toward anything new. As long has Ryan’s basic necessities are met, she is (for the most part) pretty dang happy. Being a mom really puts things into perspective. I notice Ryan laughs and giggles at the silliest things. She’s continually smiling because she see’s so much color and light. And I know she’s blissfully unaware of everything going on in the world.  But I wonder how our lives would differ if we all acted more like babies…

Baby Days

The recipe for a happy day includes, safety, nourishment, and rest. As long as Ryan has these 3 things, she is ready to attack the world. Exploring and moving her body is extra. It’s not a need, but rather a desire. Each day I see her strength and mobility increasing. And that’s not because of luck, but practice and willpower.

If only we could revert back to our baby days to reset our attitudes and minds. Acknowledge that, as long as we feel safe, have food, and had a decent night’s sleep, the day is going to be a good. Of course there are circumstances that would inhibit good days such as pain, loss, and tragedy. But for the most of our lives, we have pretty typical mundane days.

Also, if only we could switch our view on how we see physical activity. Not seeing it as another box you HAVE to check off for the day but because you desire to do it by choice. Moving is natural, and in our movement we are enhancing and practicing our skills. Our skills that help us climb mountains, see the world, pick up our grandchildren, and run after our kids.

So Today, I Challenge You to Take a Few Pointers From the Young:

  • Wake up each morning and find excitement in the new day
  • Practice your skills
  • Appreciate that you are not in danger
  • Eat because its nourishing and fun
  • Move because you can
  • Rest

By thinking of the world differently, and putting things into perspective, your whole world view can change. Happiness can stem from the smallest of things, and the tiniest of actions. The simpler things in life truly hold the most value. So let’s try to be more like babies. Let’s be happy!



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