Another Chapter in My Meal Prep Adventure

I needed to write this blog after missing my meals and an entire week of meal prepping. We were out of state for a college graduation and did not get home until midnight on Sunday so meal prep was impossible last week. We reverted back to our old pattern of buying Subway subs or going out to eat.  My pocketbook took a beating, and I knew I had to get back onto the Meal Prep bandwagon.

After a trip to Costco, we went crazy and made 12 meals plus I put together 4 mason jar salads.  I also discovered a new protein pasta favorite:  edamame noodles.  The texture is very similar to traditional pasta, it has a nice flavor, and it has 24 g of protein per serving!

Shortcuts and Tricks!

For any garlic lovers, we are using a new short cut trick for prep.  Costco sells a large bag of pre-peeled garlic cloves.  Throw them in the freezer, and they will last forever.  When prepping, it’s easy to cut or mince them when they are frozen, and they dethaw quickly with cooking.   Last week, we found an old sandwich bag with peeled garlic cloves that my mother-in-law had put in the freezer from last summer, and they were still good!

I’m happy to be back at it.  More tips and tricks to come as I figure them out!

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BRIAN CLISTA, MD: PFP Co-Owner, Director of Wellness

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