Becoming a Meal Prep Fan

meal prep fan
OK, it’s no secret that I love food! And I think that’s why it’s taken me a bit of time to become a meal prep fan. Food continues cultural traditions and can be a great introduction to different heritages. It’s a form of comfort. There are millions of combinations to create dishes for every kind of palate. Food is honestly kind of amazing if you think about it. And I think, subconsciously, eating the same thing for a week has kept me from giving food prep a try.

But I’ve been chugging along in this food prep adventure. And I was so stoked after yesterday’s prep, that I had to blog. Meal Prep has continued for our household and I’m having more fun than I thought. Yesterday’s cost ran to $45.


1.  Two hours in the kitchen on a weekend afternoon or evening saves many more hours of time and stress for later in the week.
2.  I get to have fun and spend quality time with my spouse.
3. You can make a lot of food with leftover meal prep items or refrigerator finds.  This week’s surprise was pesto sauce that I found in the fridge and added to unused spinach pasta and beef/mushrooms (also left over from the previous week’s prep).  Very tasty dish and made it in 15 min.
4.  Clean out the fridge to look for said finds and make room for all the meal prep items before starting!
5.  Buy extra tupper ware.  We ended up putting a quartered whole chicken in zip lock bags for later use because we had nothing else.
6.  Saving tons of money by not ordering out when I’ve had a long day at work.


1.  You can get tired of eating the same three or four meals for lunch and dinner throughout the week. Solution:  Make extra protein or sides to mix and match during the week.  During my meal prep last week, I had a lot of pork loin so mixed it with extra rice with a bag of frozen veggies and ginger soy sauce to make a very tasty stir fry.
2.  I ended up taking extra time to portion out lunches in the morning if I kept everything “vat” sized.
Solution:  Pre-portion lunches in advance.
3.  Some level of planning is required.  BUT being creative and using fridge finds and left over prep items can still make for tasty meals regardless.
More updates to follow! And honestly, just have fun!  Once you get going with the prep, it can become a routine and just gets easier.

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