Meal Prep Adventure

meal prep adventure
This meal prep adventure thing. We wrote about it. I went to the Wellness Series Seminar. But between us, I had yet to do it. Out of some economic necessity, I decided it was time to bite it (so to speak) and go on my own meal prep adventure. I was a bit nervous about it. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to get through an entire week of the same meals. Not to mention, getting everything to taste just right!

But to my surprise, it was quicker, easier and a lot more fun than I had anticipated.

We went out and bought some basic proteins (chicken and lean ground beef). We got some veggies (bell peppers, spinach, canned, diced tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms). And we scrounged up what we already had (red quinoa – which we hadn’t used for quite some time) and some still usable refrigerator finds (mustard, lemons, carrots, yogurt) to create a week’s worth of meals:
  • Mason Jar salads (see Seminar talk from 1/20/18)
  • Lemon chicken with quinoa and carrots with a yogurt mustard sauce
  • Stuffed peppers
  • And I even used some of the left over chopped veggies to use for omelets in the AM

I’m excited to try it again!

I didn’t look up any quick recipes online and we made stuff on the fly. Surprisingly, it only took a few hours and the stress of worrying about my lunch/dinner meals was gone for the week. Plus, side bonus, we saved a lot of cash!

I may look up some quick recipes for the future to add variety but definitely worth the plunge! Updates on my meal prep adventure to follow!

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