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As a follow up to our last blog on October’s Macro Series (has everyone marked their calendars?), we wanted to provide more information on what the talks will cover. In addition to the subject matter outlined below for each 30-minute session, we look forward to an open discussion along with time for questions and answers as well. We will be doing some personal calculations too. Non-math majors, don’t worry- it’s nothing your phone calculators can’t handle!

Macro Series – Week 1 (10/2)

  • An overview: What are macronutrients?
  • Background: What is BMR? RMR? TDEE?
  • How do I determine my individual calorie needs based on metabolic rate, activity & exercise?
  • What should my macro breakdown be?


Macro Series – Week 2 (10/9)

  • Macronutrient: Carbohydrate
  • What are considered “good” carbs? “Bad” carbs?
  • How about a no-carb diet?
  • Why do carbs cause so much weight gain?
  • How many grams should I be eating each day?


Week 3 (10/16)

  • Macronutrient: Protein
  • Myths
  • What are the best sources? Are plant sources ok too?
  • Can I eat too much, and what about supplements?
  • How many grams should I be eating each day?


Week 4 (10/23)

  • Macronutrient: Fat
  • But first, let’s check-in from the last few weeks . . . Questions?
  • What are the best sources?
  • Based on my calorie needs, how many grams should I be eating each day?


The series will provide you with a deeper understanding of macros, their importance, good sources for each, and how thinking about macros instead of calories, may help provide a path to a healthier, more well-rounded way of eating . . . for you, and based upon your individual needs!


Please remember, the series will run on four consecutive Wednesday evenings in October from 10/2 – 10/23/19 at 5:30 – 6:00 PM, and will be held at the Union Project, 801 N Negley Avenue.  Oh, and it’s FREE!


Sign up for the first class by clicking on the link below.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Healthy regards,


Matt Mrazik, RD

Weight Management & Performance Dietitian

Pittsburgh Fitness Project


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