Your Lack of Trust is Holding You Back

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Have you hit a road block in your progress? Do you jump from program to program? Are you constantly second guessing your coach? I would bet all three of these are related to a lack of faith. I am not talking specifically talking about Biblical Faith. But Biblical Faith isn’t completely unrelated. I am referring to a lack of trust in three big things that are key to your fitness training and weightlifting success.


This one is pretty simple. When a weight feels heavy, many feel like the have to “Do More” to lift the weight. We practice technique on every single rep, then fail to trust that technique we have developed when we get in the harder range. Does this make sense? Not really! As the weights get progressively heavier you need to be laser focused on good technical lifting. This isn’t something that can be developed in a day.

When you notice you are getting fatigued, that is a good time to remind yourself to lean into your technique.  You may not train at 90% very often but that 3rd rep of triples feels like your 90%. So use that as an opportunity to mentally check back in to your technique and be crisp! DO NOT MAKE A HABIT OF PRACTICING CRAPPY REPS! Once the skill loses form, stop. Remember how you got to that point in the first place!


This is one that I have seen happen to MANY lifters/athletes/gym bros over my career as a strength professional. A person finds a new magic program. They try it for 3 weeks. Then they find a new fancy program and try that for 3 weeks. They get bored and move on. Flash forward years later, they have made little to no progress. And they believe that anyone finding success is either a genetic freak or on performance enhancing drugs. The truth is , that person probably just finished their program. Fitness coaching has evolved greatly over the past few years. Finding a good and effective program has become easier and easier. There are no magic programs. And no programs actually works if you don’t actually finish it.

You are going to feel like crap sometimes. And wonderful during other times. But it’s crucial to trust the program you are on and finish it. You DO NOT know better than the person who programmed it. If you did , why would you be following it in the first place?


I am going to be brutally honest here. If you don’t trust your coach, get a new coach. You will NEVER be able to see the progress you want  if you do not trust the person who is supposed to helping you get better. It amazes me how many people waste time and energy second guessing their coaches. Most coaches are planning for their athletes over the long haul. It takes a ton of time to lay a firm foundation for an athlete’s success. Always, ask coaches for clarification if you don’t understand something. But if you are spending most of your time second guessing the answers you get, maybe it is time to move on.  Find a coach that has your best interests in mind, is athlete (not self) centered, and who has the experience and expertise to get you to your goal. ​

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TOM DUER: Co-Owner
B.S., NSCA -CSCS, NSCA TSAC, USAW-Level 1, Crossfit Level 1

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