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I like to ask potential clients the question: “What is the most important thing your trainer can do for you?” There are usually a couple of phrases that I get in response. Some of them say, “Teach me how to workout on my own.” Others say, “Motivate me!”. But one of the most common ones is “Keep me accountable”. I’ve heard the word, “accountable,” a lot in my profession. And to make sure I could write an article about it, I looked up the definition.  As I was typing it in the search bar “accountability quotes” came up as a search option. So I clicked on that instead.  Here was the quote that I found extremely relatable for any of my clients I train and for myself. “Successful people do what they need to do whether they like it or not.”

A Lesson in Accountability

I really liked this quote because it not only gave me another reference as to what accountability was, but it was also extremely blunt. This quote simply means that you need to take ownership and responsibility when you want to be successful. I feel like this quote also carries over when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. I like to think that I am pretty empathetic and make a conscious effort to relate to people’s point of view.

When it comes to health and fitness, it doesn’t always come naturally to people. Maybe you never played sports, always hated gym class, didn’t have exposure to activities growing up, hurt yourself from exercise, tried and failed at your goal, or you really hated sweating and the discomfort of exercise. You’ve thought about working out. But then all these thoughts come in. And you easily talk yourself out of getting the exercise you know you need. Work has been extremely busy, and you can’t seem to find the time for yourself to get in the gym even though you can find time to binge watch the latest show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon (or all three).

How Personal Training Can Help

That’s where a personal trainer comes in. Not only am I able to give you completely unbiased workout advice to help you reach your fitness goals, design workout programs that are specifically designed for you and only you, and make sure to provide safe and effective workouts, I can also help you be accountable. There’s something about looking at your schedule and seeing that you have specifically cut out time to meet with a personal trainer. It’s a sign that you’re trying to make a change for the better in your health and fitness.

Trainers take a lot of thought and stress out of working out for you. All you have to do is put some effort into reaching your goals. By coming into the gym and seeking the help of a trainer, you have already done the hard part. Most people have thought of going to the gym for years and years and have never taken the plunge. Taking those first steps into the gym and speaking with a fitness professional about your health and fitness goals can be one of the better decisions you’ll ever make.

We’re Here to Help You!

While your fitness goals, injuries, health history, and path in life are unique to you, personal trainers here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project can guarantee that we hold you accountable when it comes to reaching your goals.  As part of this process, we have instituted monthly fitness assessments for all clients so they can track progress, reassess goals and add new ones.

Schedule your free fitness evaluation today by clicking here!  Let’s get started.


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