How Journaling Helped Me Become Mindful

journaling helped me become mindful

Journaling is perhaps one of the more commonly recommended self-reflection techniques. This is for good reason – it ensures a certain amount of time spent in reflection, it is therapeutic, and it helps detox your mind through processing. This practice does not have to be every day, though, as is so often prescribed. Once a week of intentional mindful journaling is plenty for me. For others, maybe once a month will do wonders. And yet still others prefer a nightly writing session. Whatever feels best to you is sufficient, although if you never write I would suggest you try it at least once a month for half a year or so. You may be surprised how much de-stressing comes out of it! Journaling helped me become mindful, and I believe it can help you too!

As I reflect on the past year or so of semi-regular journaling, I can think of three main reasons why this habit has led me toward a mindful attitude throughout my days:

The Time Spent Being Mindful

It’s as simple as that sometimes. The more time you take to work on being mindful, the better you get at it and the more you remember to be mindful throughout the day. Journaling is just one way to ensure that a certain amount of time is being spent developing your mindfulness practice.

Physically Seeing the Words Written on the Page is Unexplainably Therapeutic

This phenomenon is mind-blowing to me. There are times I have no new insights from a journaling session. Although often times journaling does actually provide some amazing revelations for me. But simply getting the negative thoughts out of your head and onto paper can make one feel a ton better just through the act of writing. I suggest writing with actual paper and pen/pencil, too!

Getting Rid of Thought Clutter

Swirling thoughts can be one of the major barriers toward mindfulness. Journaling will allow you to move past the jumbled thoughts and find clarity in many situations. (This is also a good precursor to meditating, for those of us who have trouble with too many thoughts during our meditation practice!)

So Give it a Try

With all these potential benefits why would you NOT at least try to journal? Let me know in the comments below how journaling goes for you. Or if it is something you already do tell me what you like about it! As always, I love to hear tips and tricks from anyone and everyone.

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