Is Mindfulness the Same Thing as Meditation

is mindfulness the same thing as meditation

Holistic lifestyle coaching. I get a lot of questions about meditation when I tell people I practice mindfulness. But to be honest, I am not much of a meditator. Yet I still consider myself to be quite mindful. How can this be? Is mindfulness the same thing as meditation?

Is Mindfulness the Same thing as Meditation? The Similarities

Both practices are just that – practices. They must be continually reinforced, otherwise the human brain will slip back into the patterns of thoughtlessness, panic, worry, escapism, anger, etc. that are so common we almost feel they are our default mindset. They also both encourage detachment from thoughts. Both focus on letting thoughts come and go without reacting to them. This sounds basic but is actually a learned skill as anyone who has ever tried to meditate or be actively mindful will tell you!

Is Mindfulness the Same thing as Meditation? The Differences

Meditation is often concentrating on one thing, repeating a mantra over and over. Alternatively, meditation can be aimed to rid your mind of all thoughts completely, maybe just focusing on your breath, maybe having nothing in particular to focus on. While these are great practices, they are not the same exact thing as mindfulness. Mindfulness involves focusing on the moment at hand exclusively. It is simply an observation, not an effort.

Why I Encourage Both

That’s why I like mindfulness, it produces tons of benefits without any real effort. To me, meditation is a tool to become more aware, more mindful. Mindfulness is the overarching goal, with many practices underneath of it, meditation simply being one means to obtain mindfulness. So if meditation is your thing, then keep doing it! If you haven’t tried it, try it. But if it’s just not your thing, then don’t worry about it! I don’t meditate at this time and maybe I never will. But I can still be mindful and live an intentional, lower-stress life.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Are you interested in the topics of mindfulness and meditation? Or in adopting more holistic practices? Most people have goals that they would like to achieve, yet haven’t for a variety of reasons. Receiving life general coaching is a great way to work through unmet goals. Holistic life coaching is specifically useful for health-related goals including feeling better, more energetic, motivated to eat healthy and exercise, and reducing stressors.

During an initial session, we would go over the client’s background. I will need to get an idea of their current nutrition, movement, and biggest life stressors/concerns. I will also need to find out what they are currently doing to take care of themselves. The end goal of this first session is to get to know the client and learn what their biggest goal is. On subsequent coaching sessions, I would return with a personalized plan to work toward the client’s main goal. We would go over this for most of the session, and then have other sessions, as many as needed, until this goal is reached. If they have multiple goals, we will still focus on one at a time and can have as many sessions as they want until all of their goals are reached.

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EMILY EICHNER: Holistic Lifestyle Coach
C.H.E.K Institute Certified

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