How to Set New Year’s Goals that Actually Stick

Set New Year's Goals that Actually Stick

How to Set New Year’s Goals that Actually Stick. New Year’s Goals have a notorious reputation of lasting about three weeks before being forgotten or given up on. If this is something that you struggle with (if you are an adult human then that is likely the case!), follow these tips below in the coming weeks as you think about your goals for 2019.


You need to set realistic goals. I learned in my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching training that most people overestimate their goals by two times! A good rule of thumb, then, is to cut your goal in half and after you reach that goal, then go for another. So, if you think you want to lose 20 pounds, start with 10 pounds. Most people overestimate their time/energy and then get discouraged and frustrated so this is a great way to prevent that.


You have to check in with your goals from time to time. I suggest intentional quarterly check-in’s. I tend to go with the seasons and on the 1st official day of each season. And I spend some time reflecting. This is a great way to keep with my New Year’s goals and make sure I am staying on the path toward achieving them in the timeframe.

For specific action-related goals, especially ones that require frequent attention, a monthly schedule would work better. For example, I had the goal one year of getting to the point where I could do the splits. This may be a bad example because I didn’t actually reach that one, but this is something I had to check in with WAY more than quarterly or I was never even going to get close (side note: I did practice nearly daily and got a lot closer, so I count this one as a success!).


Get some accountability! If you want to set New Year’s goals that actually stick, tell a friend, partner, or write it down. Or you can find a coach, like me!

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