Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Did you know we offer holistic lifestyle coaching at our fitness center? Achieving your optimal health requires more than your physical fitness level and relationship with nutrition. It also depends on your mental "fitness". And we're here to help guide you towards your goals! At PFP, our primary goal and overall philosophy is to help our clients find balance with living a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, we want to make sure this lifestyle is sustainable. We want to help you look at life a little differently. Don't worry, we aren't going to force you to meditate and start doing yoga. But if you're interested in holistic practices and more natural remedies, we're here to help guide you and help you cultivate a place of self-love! 

Why Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?

Most people have goals that they would like to achieve, yet haven’t for a variety of reasons. Receiving life general coaching is a great way to work through unmet goals. Holistic life coaching is specifically useful for health-related goals including feeling better, more energetic, motivated to eat healthy and exercise, and reducing stressors.

What Happens During a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Session?

During an initial session, you and Emily would go over your background. She will need to get an idea of your current nutrition, movement, and biggest life stressors/concerns. She will also need to find out what you are currently doing to take care of yourself. The end goal of this first session is to get to know the client and learn what their biggest goal is. On subsequent coaching sessions, Emily would return with a personalized plan to work toward the client’s main goal. You two would go over this for most of the session, and then have other sessions, as many as needed, until this goal is reached. If the client has multiple goals, Emily will still focus on working on one at a time. She will work with you in as many sessions as needed until all of the goals are reached. Check out her website here to learn more about her holistic lifestyle approach!

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 Emily is quite knowledgeable regarding wellness. She does not force any one method, but works with you based on what works best for you and your body. She has good and realistic recommendations on positive behavior changes that are easy to integrate into your life. She leans towards recommending organic options to improve diet choices, and this might make grocery trips more expensive. However, she has plenty of cheap recommendations as well. She really knows her stuff!

- Jesse, Pittsburgh PA