half-marathon training: Week of October 15th

Half-marathon training. I’ve been running for about 40 years now.  Long-term wear and tear led me to an altered gait. Which in turn led to lots of pain when running.  Our PFP running coach, Jake Boyer, managed to correct my gait. My personal trainer and gym co-owner, Tom Duer, gave me exercises to strengthen my weak hip flexors.  Suddenly, running seemed possible again.  It was time to try training for a race!  I had run the Philly Marathon twice before and decided to give the Half Marathon a go.

I want to share this PFP running training experience with you all. And I have asked Jake to create a half-marathon training program for me based on my goals (1:45 half, 8:39 min miles) and my estimated fitness level.  After using some fancy formula which I don’t understand, he created a schedule for me. For that schedule and the first few weeks of my training experience, click here.

Week of Oct. 15th

Monday: Off running – XT encouraged

Tuesday: 7 miles @ E plus 6 strides

Wednesday: Off running – XT if possible


  • 15 minutes warm-up
  • 3x2miles @ half marathon pace – 2:30 rest
  • 15 minutes cool-down jog

Friday: Off or XT

Saturday: Light workout:

  • 10 minutes east running straight into 3x2minutes at half marathon pace with 1 minute east running between, a 4×1 minute at T pace with 45-second easy jog as rest, continue jogging as cool-down until 5 miles reached.

Sunday: 7-9 miles very easy. (No true long run this week)

Another Half-Marathon Specific Training Week!

Thursday’s run was good practice playing with pace.  I started out just below my goal pace per set then dropped about 20 seconds/mile per set.  The last set was too much to maintain, but it was a great workout practicing what felt comfortable. I love running intervals so Saturday’s workout was quick and fun but probably too fast to be realistic at what I could actually do for such a long race.

Like many runners at a race, I may be so pumped that I’ll go out too quickly then drop off from fatigue.   My goal will be to run conservatively through the halfway point in the half marathon then gradually pick things up as I can. Jake’s program has given me a lot of confidence, building strength and speed over the last few months.  I really feel I can hit that sub-1:45 goal!

Interested in Running or Have Running Concerns?

If you would like to have a PFP running assessment to check your gait or just want to do strength training with a run coach/personal trainer, contact Jake Boyer at  jake@pittsburghfitnessproject.com.  It doesn’t matter your level of running either! Sure Jake can help you with half-marathon training. But he can also help you if you just want to learn to like running! Jake can provide a customized training schedule to help you meet your goals!


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