Changes Coming to Group Exercise

group exercise

Change is in the air at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project. Starting June 4th, you’ll notice that there have been some changes to our group exercise program. There are some new things you will notice. We are starting up some new classes. Class times are shifting. Open gym membership is including different classes. And some new formatting is happening. This is all so that you have a general idea of what you will be working on in class.

We Want to Give You More Value!

We wanted to offer a variety of classes to be available as part of the open gym membership to make it more valuable to our members, and we are renaming it the PFP Pass. In addition to open gym, PFP Pass members can now also take Active Recovery Yoga, Athletic or Mat Pilates, PFP Burn, Low Impact Fitness, Zumba Strong and New Mom Fitness.  See our class descriptions for all the details!

There is one other big change to our group exercise program. We are restructuring our Power Hour Series, which we’ll be calling PFP Small Group Training. The name change more accurately described what we do as trainers when leading classes. We limit our class sizes. And we are treating them more as training sessions than as classes.

Why Are We Doing This?

Why did we make these changes? We have many clients who take classes three or more times per week. Often these clients were getting repeats of various muscle groups by taking a class with different trainers. We decided to pre-plan our areas of focus so that workouts could be more varied throughout the week.

Looking towards the near future, we hope to add two or three lunchtime PFP Burn classes per week..We are looking forward to kicking things off  THIS week with the new scheduling format and classes. Please give us feedback on what you think about the new group training sessions after you have tried a few of them.

Check out our NEW class schedule here!

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