Six Reasons to Start A Gratitude Practice

gratitude practice

There are a lot of people recommending a gratitude practice. Ever wonder why? Ever been skeptical about traditions such as saying grace or telling others out loud at the Thanksgiving table what you are grateful for? I put off actively practicing gratitude for years. However, on my last airplane trip I was having difficulty with both anxiety and with staying grounded. So I decided to give this a go. I took out my journal and a pen. But instead of journaling, listed whatever I was most grateful for at that moment. I easily filled a page! Since then I have thought a lot about why this practice has been helpful. And why I believe others should try it as well.

Gratitude Helps You Stay in the Moment Regardless of Circumstances

A gratitude practice can help you focus on being mindful each day, each hour, or even each moment. They are a great way to tangibly practice mindfulness!

Gratitude Practice Shifts your Thinking

This may take time of dedicated gratitude practice. But the more you try to think a certain way, the more you begin to think that way. Even when you’re not trying to! I wouldn’t necessarily say practice makes perfect. But I would say that practice makes improvement.

Having Gratitude Makes You Happier

How can you not be happier when you truly appreciate the people, things, and experiences of your everyday life? It’s a no-brainer.

Gratitude Increases Your Appreciation of Others

Surprisingly, thinking of positive aspects of people who you do not get along with really does help. Not only does it allow you to focus on their good qualities, but it can increase your understanding of the mindset behind some of the actions or words they say that may not resonate with you.

A Grateful Attitude Increases Energy

As they say, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! Having positive thoughts is a much better way to motivate yourself rather than by focusing on the problems you have to overcome.

Your Gratitude Will Encourage Others to be More Grateful, Too

Imagine if everyone around you was also practicing gratitude. How different of a world do you think that would be? Once the people around you see the amazing benefits you are getting from becoming more grateful, they may be inspired to try it too.

Do you already participate in the occasional gratitude practice? If so, what are the benefits you’ve seen from it? Leave a comment below to continue the conversation.

EMILY EICHNER: Holistic Lifestyle Coach
C.H.E.K Institute Certified

Mindful Self-Care

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