Goal Setting: Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer

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Goal Setting: Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer. Imagine the last time you tried goal setting. A goal for any aspect of your life. Maybe you’ve tried reaching it for years. Perhaps you’ve hit some speed bumps or dead ends along the way. There is so much information available at our fingertips. We can have some luck sifting through all the myths and find the information we really need. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as doing the research on your own. You can’t always find the right answers all by yourself. And that’s no matter how hard you try. These are some of the reasons you should consider adding personal training to your fitness routine.

With this in mind, some of you may have tried reaching a goal in health and fitness. Some goals may include: losing 20lbs, being able to squat your body weight, exercise with minimal pain, or get your first pushup. You could easily Google any of these topics and get thousands of results, which begs the question, “Why would I ever need a personal trainer when I can find all this stuff for free?” Here are 5 reasons why you should look into personal training:

You Can Get Hurt in the Gym

Have you ever seen those signs on equipment that says, “exercise at your own risk?” There’s a reason for it. You can get hurt lifting weights, even with proper form. And you can get extremely hurt lifting weights with bad form. That’s also assuming you are using machines. Using free weights and kettlebells can increase that risk especially if you go too heavy too early and don’t know proper technique in the exercises you are trying to perform.

That’s where having a personal trainer comes in. We are always trying to ensure that you are doing exercises in a safe and progressive manner. Believe it or not, deadlifting can be really good for you! Especially when you learn how to perform a Romanian Deadlift, have a good hinge pattern and have built strength over time. If you look at a staircase, you usually go up on step at a time, right? That’s the way you should approach your progression in the gym – something personal training is really good at!

Goal Setting: You STILL Can’t Do a Pushup

You go to yoga classes once a week, boot camps twice a week, and walk the other days. You’ve been doing this for years and yet, you still can’t do a pushup. What gives? The short answer is you haven’t been practicing that movement enough. You can’t expect to be able to do a pushup if you maybe practice pushups once a week assuming your classes included that movement. If you want to reach any goal especially in fitness, you need to practice that movement very frequently. Especially if you don’t have strength in that movement to begin with.

That’s where having a personal trainer comes in. A personal trainer can develop a program that is right for you to build up the strength in your weaknesses and help you achieve your goals. You may not even know that your approach has been ineffective until you learn a new one and that’s where having a new perspective from a professional can help.

Everyone is Now a Personal Trainer: There’s A LOT of Misinformation Out There

“I’ve been told I need to take a supplement to reach my goal.” “I thought squatting with weight was bad for me.” “Isn’t cardio the best way to lose weight?” “I’m supposed to have less than 1,000 calories a day right?”

Sadly I’ve heard all these things before and the answer is not always as straightforward as it seems. Finding a personal trainer that is experienced and educated can really help you sort through a lot of misinformation that is out there. I myself learn something new every day, but that is why I love working in an industry that evolves as often as fitness does. If you have found that you haven’t reached your goals in health and fitness and have had a hard time finding what may work for you, it would be wise to at least sit down with a personal trainer to see if you can get guided in the right direction.

You’ve Done the Same Workout Routine Since High School… And It’s Not Working!

As hard as it may be to hear this, your same old workout you did when you played high school football won’t cut it anymore. Yes, it involves some very effective exercises, but you aren’t the same person you were back then. Back then you weren’t sitting at a desk for 6 hours or more a day for work. Chances are you have gained some extra pounds as well. Combine this with the poor diet and the amount of stress you may have, it’s a recipe for disaster.

That’s where having a trainer by your side to go over your form and design a program that fits you for the now can be really beneficial. Once you get better and better it’ll be time to switch up the program because that same old workout program won’t give you the amazing results that it did initially. That’s the beauty of personal training, full customization. Think about it, you weren’t still doing adding and subtracting in your high school math classes. There is always a progression in life and that couldn’t be more true fitness. Having someone by your side to guide you through your workouts can have significant carryover in everyday life.

You Have an Injury

You were playing recreational basketball with the boys. There was a guy talking trash the whole game which got you angry. You really wanted to school him so you cut to the left, then the right, then POP!!! There goes your ACL. You went to physical therapy, and yes, it got you walking again. But it’s been years since you’ve injured it (okay, maybe 10). And you STILL are worried about squatting and it still bothers you after a long day of walking.

Having a personal trainer, in this case, can really help you, especially one that has experience training people with various injuries. With personal training, they can take a look at what really bothers your knee, how to exercise around that problem area, and more importantly, make your knee feel and perform better. It is possible to strengthen your joints that are injured and having a professional guide you through that journey can be extremely beneficial.

So Come Train with Us: Personal Training as Low as $1 per Minute

We are all going to face challenges in our life that may seem daunting. You don’t become any less of a version of yourself if you reach a hand out asking for help. When it comes to fitness there are many professionals out there that can give you life-changing help. Whether it’s having an injury, being confused as to the best method for your goals, or needing a change in your routine, finding a personal trainer may be the next step in your health and fitness goals!

We have a number of incredible personal trainers at PFP. So, check us out and get to know our staff. They work with a number of different personal training styles. And we promise to meet you wherever you are starting out at. Sign up for a FREE fitness assessment today to get started!


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