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$ 30 - 40 per session
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  • 10 for $300
  • Monthly Plan $30/session
  • Open Gym Included
  • Monthly Plans also Include PFP Pass Classes

45 Minute Session

$ 45 - 55 per session
  • 1 for $55
  • 10 for $450
  • Monthly Plan $45/session
  • Open Gym Included
  • Monthly Plans also Include PFP Pass Classes

60 Minute Session

$ 60 - 75 per session
  • 1 for $75
  • 10 for $600
  • Monthly Plan $60/session
  • Open Gym Included
  • Monthly Plans also Include PFP Pass Classes


TOM DUER: Co-Owner

B.S., NSCA -CSCS, NSCA TSAC, USAW-Level 1, Crossfit Level 1

Tom founded Pittsburgh Fitness Project in 2015 and PFP Barbell in 2017 . He started personal training in 2009 and coaching olympic style weightlifting in 2015. Tom began his career working with people on general fitness and now his focus has shifted to primarily working with people who want to learn and master the Snatch and  Clean and Jerk .


I believe in using the right tool for the right job. Through my diverse experience as not only a fitness professional, but also a competitive athlete through multiple disciplines (football , track and field , bodybuilding , CrossFit , Olympic lifting ) . We work together to find the best possible solution for your fitness needs.
There are a ton of ways to get you as in shape and healthy as you want to be. It is my mission to help find on that will work for you, but also that you will stick with, and hopefully have a good time in the process.


10000+ hours of 1-on-1 training experience
Top 10 105kg weightlifter in the USA
Published Fitness Model (Musclemag/REPS! magazine )


ANTHONY SALERNO: General Manager


Tony Salerno is a graduate of Slippery Rock University where he earned his degree in Sport Management from their highly accredited undergraduate program. Staying active and participating in various sports has always been a passion of Tony’s and in 2014 he became certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Personal Trainer to share his passion for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Specializing in Strength Training and Weight Loss, Tony’s attention to detail and commitment to your success above all else is what sets him apart and gives you the results you want!




Jake is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Physiologist and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science.


Jake’s start in the fitness world was through running which took him to the University of Mount Union. As an exercise science student he discovered his passion for helping others reach for their goals, while reaching for his own as an athlete. At Mount Union Jake had the privilege of competing on the team that won the 2014 NCAA National Championship in track and field, as well as becoming a two time NCAA All-Region runner in cross country. Jake has learned from some of the best coaches and instructors in the nation from his high school through his college careers and he’s excited to put that experience into use at PFP. Jake is one of the best running coaches in the area and hopes to help the Pittsburgh running community become stronger and crush through their PR’s.




Tonja is a former military "brat" who lived and traveled all over the USA and Europe with her family. Tonja became interested in sports at a very young age and was born competitive. She is a former D1 Volleyball player at VCU. In addition to playing volleyball, Tonja has also competed in tennis and rugby. She was a goalkeeper for 6 years in a men's soccer league in Seattle and is a former nationally ranked Martial Artist in Karate who won the Gold Medal at The Gay Games and won the US Open. Tonja is also the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Grove City College and spends time in the summer teaching at camps and workshops for coaches and volleyball players.


Tonja is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and ACE Health Coach, and a USA Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Instructor. Her areas of specialty include sports performance, weight loss, and improved fitness. She has a Bachelors of Science in Recreation Management from VCU. Her experience includes 15 years as a personal trainer and 22 years as a volleyball coach!



ACE Certified/ PEAK Pilates Level 1 Certified, B.S. Exercise Science

​When people ask me where I'm from, it's always a long answer. I moved seven times before the end of high school, have lived in Europe for 13 years, and have an American/Hungarian background. I grew up playing soccer and became especially interested in fitness in middle school when I couldn't do a pull-up in front of my gym class. It really frustrated me that I couldn't do one so I set my sights on being able to crank out at least 3 by the end of 8th grade. With a lot of trial and error and hard work I was able to get 6 pull-ups by the end of that year.

I believe my life until now has had a huge impact on my views in fitness. I've seen and heard different perspectives from around the world and keep a very open mind when it comes to fitness. I enjoy doing pilates, yoga, kettlebell training, calisthenics, resistance training and even strongman training to name a few. Due to my interests, I believe I can provide some of the most unique workouts you'll have with a trainer. I'm a firm believer of helping my clients master the fundamental exercises before progressing to more advanced variations.

Helping people become healthier, fitter versions of themselves and being a part of their journey to unlocking their potential is a passion of mine. Before you begin a fitness regimen with me, ask yourself this question: "Did the Egyptians build their pyramids from the top piece first?"

Canon 77D042818 - 089-164


B.S. Exercise Science

I first became interested in strength and conditioning in high school, which sparked my passion for training and inspired me to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I know how it feels to be physically unable to do the things you want to, and how hard of a process it is to get started and stick with a training program! That was me when I first started, and now it’s my turn to help others on their fitness journeys. 

I earned my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, continued on for a Master’s in Health, Physical Activity, and Chronic Disease to broaden my ability of promoting the health benefits of exercise for all fitness levels. During my time as an undergrad and grad student at the University of Pittsburgh, I’ve had the opportunity of interning in the strength and conditioning field, corporate wellness, sports performance, and cardiac rehab.  These experiences were so helpful in my development as a coach where I’ve learned how to adapt training styles for all types of people.

You can find me at PFP as a trainer and as an athlete! I’m a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a competitive weightlifter.  Fitness has had such a positive impact on my life and I am passionate about sharing that opportunity with others! I’m a firm believer that everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle. My motto is “sit less, move more”!

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