Maintaining motivation to stay fit can be difficult when you're super busy! Finding that fitness friend can make all the difference!

It’s a beautiful day outside.  It’s finally warm. The sun is shining. You really should go for that nice long walk you’ve been thinking about but things keep coming up to do around the house. But then you see your neighbor walk by your home and run out to join them. You finally get that walk in and get to spend time with your neighbor!

Maintaining motivation to stay fit can be difficult. We all have busy lives, and the day can slip by quickly. Finding that fitness buddy can make all the difference!  If it’s too hot or cold outside, too rainy or snowing, or you’re just in a funk, knowing that you are due to meet someone, someplace, at some specified time can be the push we all need to keep ourselves fit, to keep ourselves accountable.

Finding a Fitness Friend

Who is a good workout buddy? That neighbor you went on a walk with. Your significant other. A work colleague. Or maybe someone you meet at the gym.

At a place like the Pittsburgh Fitness Project where class sizes are kept small, instructors and clients get to know one another. Friendly competition during our Power Hour classes often develops. Barbell members are cheering each other on while attempting a lift. Personal training clients focus on their goals with their trainers. By fostering a sense of community, we can encourage each other on our health journeys.

Bring a Friend to PFP!

If you have a workout buddy in mind and want to try partner training or just want to check out a Power Hour class for free, check out our class schedule. We would be happy to have you join our fitness community!

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