Do we recognize our eating habits and whether or not they're healthy? Join us on Saturday, 2/22 at 3 PM for PFP's Eating Awareness Panel to learn more.

You come home from a busy day at work and eat an entire bag of chips.   Sometimes, you feel like you’ve put on a few extra pounds and decide to skip breakfast or lunch, or both.    You have an extra dessert with lunch then walk an extra 30 minutes after dinner to try and make up for the extra calories that you’ve eaten.  Are any of these patterns harmful?  Are we aware of our eating habits, like when we sit in front of the TV to snack?   Can we develop eating awareness?

Eating Awareness

February is National Eating Disorders Month.  Eating disorders and disordered eating can occur across a broad spectrum of the population, affecting all ages, racial/ethnic groups, genders and body sizes.   The Pittsburgh Fitness Project will be hosting an Eating Awareness Panel with two therapists from the Pittsburgh eating disorders community: Alexandra Salerno, LPC, NCC and Matthew Clista, MS, NCC.

Join us on Saturday, February 22nd from 3 – 4 PM as we explore the following topics:


Overeating or Binge Eating

How can we tell the difference?

Disordered Eating

When does our eating become disordered?

Risk Factors and Warning Signs

What tendencies may lead us toward disordered eating or an eating disorder?

Diet Culture

Are fad diets contributing to disordered eating?

Body Image

What are the facts about body image?  What or how much of a role does the body actually play?


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