What I Eat Before My Workouts

What I Eat Before a Workout

What I eat before my workouts. Before I get into any major specifics, what I am about to tell you has come from years of trial and error as well as experience. There were times where I ate some things that I told myself I would never again before a workout. That’s because I noticed a major decrease in my performance or my stomach just didn’t feel right the whole workout. With that being said, my diet changes depending on my workout. I will also say that just because these things work for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

For instance, I can workout on a completely empty stomach. My brother, on the other hand, looks like he’s about to puke his brains out when he attempting the same. Like I said, this comes from trial and error. If you put the effort in, you’ll be set for quite a while in your future workouts. Now, here is what I eat during my before my workouts depending on different scenarios.

What I Eat Before My Workouts: Morning Heavy Lifting

There is a lot of circumstance that comes into play. Firstly, I know I’m lifting and keeping the reps under 5. Then I have to strategize time. If I know the workout will be less than 2 hours, I will actually hold off eating. And I will then make sure to eat a high protein meal after my workout. Sometimes this works well for me. That’s because I may be busy with sessions. And I have to wake up early before I am able to work out and get home to eat.

Before HIIT and Bodybuilding Type Workouts

If there is going to be a hard workout ahead of me that involves a lot of reps, doing interval training, or doing intense total body exercises, I’ll make sure to eat SOMETHING before that workout. Figuring out how long it takes for you to digest certain foods is crucial. For instance, I don’t ever eat peanut butter before my workouts. It is very high in fat and makes me feel sluggish before a workout. I’ll admit, I’m not eating 1 serving of peanut butter, it’s at least 3 servings so that changes things. I prefer something light, such as a couple eggs, or canned tuna. It’s easy for me to digest and it’ll give me just enough energy to handle the whole workout.

If I Have to Workout at the End of the Day

Some days just get away from you. There are times where I end up working out at mid-afternoon or later in the day. On these days, regardless of the kind of workout I’m doing, I make sure to get a healthy breakfast in. I do this no matter what time of day I wake up. And I eat something light at least 2 hours before my workout. This can be half a protein bar, half a sandwich, a chicken breast, some eggs, or even just one slice of bread.

PFP Wants to Help!

As a reminder, my food strategy comes from experience and a lot of regret. Eating a big bowl of pasta or pizza is one thing I would definitely not recommend before a workout! I hope some of these strategies will help or at least change your approach to eating before your workouts!

Happy Exercising!


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