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2 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Detox this Winter

By Sandor Koppanyi, PFP trainer


It’s that time of year again. You’ve eaten so much rich food throughout the holidays, and you’re ready to get back on track. We are all guilty of overeating, drinking, and being completely out of routine (including myself). I personally have gone through at least 2 weeks in a row of eating things not in my usual diet and drinking way too much alcohol with family get-togethers as well as celebrating New Year’s Eve. With that being said, here are some extremely simple, cheap, and effective ways to detox and get your body feeling back to normal after the festivities.


Eat sauerkraut 4-7 days a week 

Sauerkraut is high in both prebiotics and probiotics, meaning that not only does it promote good gut bacteria, but it also helps create good gut bacteria. If you find that it is hard to eat sauerkraut because of the taste, I would recommend eating it with some salami or bacon, but DO NOT cook the sauerkraut. You will end up cooking off the healthy gut bacteria that you are eating it for in the first place! You don’t need to have too much of it either. Even just having a quarter cup of sauerkraut each time you eat can help you feel like yourself again and start that winter detox.


Consume Psyllium Husk up to 4x a week

 Psyllium Husk is the main ingredient in Metamucil, which is a fiber supplement. The best way to explain the benefits of Psyllium Husk is that it makes your next trip to the bathroom “more efficient.” After eating a lot of rich food that is completely out of your routine and drinking a lot of alcohol, it’s a great way to just detox your body and get as much of the toxins out more efficiently when you have to take care of business. You only need to take it once a day, make sure you drink plenty of water with it, and one more extremely important word of advice: chug it. Don’t dwell on the flavor, it tastes terrible. You can mix it with juice or water but drink it immediately after vigorously shaking your water bottle.


Not only will your body thank you when implementing these detox methods but your wallet will also thank you substantially. Avoid those expensive and extremely temporary juice detoxes that most people waste their money on. These detox methods can also be used on Sundays to regroup after a busy weekend or whenever you feel like your diet has been out of sync.


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