Digital Detox for the Holidays

digital detox

For the first time in many years, I’ve decided to take 13 days off between Christmas and New Years and not traveling. I’m feeling the need to really scale back my life right now and the holiday time is a perfect time to get back to what is really important to me. To jumpstart my time off, I am starting with a 3-day long digital detox: no social media, no internet, and my phone will be on airplane mode the entire time.

Logistics of the Digital Detox

Although there are many ways to do a digital detox, I am elaborating on my process here for inspiration. Feel free to take the parts that speak to you and tweak it for your own experience and goals.

Step 1:  Set an Intention for the Season: I like to focus on one particular theme that I want to see laid out throughout the season. You cannot do everything every single year. Try to focus on one outcome only.

Step 2:  Brainstorm Ways You Can Carry Out Your Intention Without Using Social Media: Say you want to focus on family/friends this year. So, use the time that you would be reading articles, scrolling, posting, and chatting in messenger to invite people over to your home.

Ideas to Replace Internet Usage

How do you spend your time during a digital detox? These are some of my go-to activities that really fill me up when I don’t have technology around

  • Invite people over to your home. (How often do we get together in homes anymore?)
  • Holiday-themed and in-person events (Host your own party!)
  • Make a daily walking habit
  • Meditate
  • Read a book
  • Try a new DIY class
  • Try a new fitness class
  • Make your own presents instead of shopping/buying online

What Do I Hope to Get Out of It?

My personal intention for this year is calm. This won’t necessarily mean that I always get to be in a space that is physically quiet (although I’m intending to have a good amount of that as well), but I want my mind and my schedule to be non-rushed and peaceful.

Schedule a Consult

I get it, the holidays can be some of the most stressful times of the entire year. Would you like some help staying balanced and achieving your wellness goals throughout the holiday season? Are you someone who struggles with stress and anxiety? Do you often feel overwhelmed or out of control? Maybe you’ve listened to podcasts about mindfulness. Or have tried the latest meditation app to no avail. Whatever your woes, schedule a FREE consultation with me! If you have goals you would like to meet, working with a coach is a great way to reach them! Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is specifically useful for health-related goals! These goals can include feeling better, being more energetic, finding motivation, and reducing stressors. Furthermore, make sure to check out our PFP Holistic Lifestyle Coaching page for more information!

Emily Eichner: PFP Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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