Pandemic Habits: Some are Worth Keeping

Heading graphic Pandemic Habits - As things start to return to "normal" what are the pandemic habits that you want to keep and those you want to kick?

Social distancing restrictions forced us to find new ways to maintain our well-being. Chances are, you had to significantly change your routine and adopt some new pandemic habits – some good, some not so good. As things start to return to normal – albeit a new normal, it provides us an opportunity to examine some…

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Vaccines Work! New CDC Mask Guidance

Vaccines Work!  New CDC Mask Guidance Today the CDC stated that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks for most indoor activities.   The PA Department of Health has adopted the recommendation for the state as well. If you are two weeks past your second vaccine dose or single-dose J&J shot, you…

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Masking Update

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As you may have read from my recent blog, Masks are a Must!, wearing a mask not only protects others from Covid-19 but even yourself.  Newer information has emerged that the type of mask that you wear is also important.  Here is our Masking Update.   Why It Matters – the Science Covid-19 viral particles…

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Masks are a Must!

Masks are a Must This Winter You haven’t seen your family or friends for weeks or months.  You decide to hang out with some friends for the Steelers game and have a few beers.  A few days later, one of your friends isn’t feeling great.   They have a mild fever and some body aches.  They…

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WHO should wear a mask?

We are in the Green but we need to be vigilant in caring for ourselves and others. Wear a mask during these challenging times.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization, WHO, made a confusing statement regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus. What does it mean? The WHO stated that asymptomatic people who are infected with Covid-19 rarely spread the virus.  This statement is confusing for several reasons. First, when referring to asymptomatic people, they were actually speaking to the…

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PFP is on Zoom!

We’re happy to announce that our members and valued Class Pass visitors are now able to work out together as if we were in the gym for a normal class through Zoom. In order to sign in to the class you will need to do the following:

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A Covid-19 Update: 3/23/2020

COVID-19 Update

As many of you have heard, the governor of PA, Tom Wolf, mandated that all non-essential businesses close due to the Covid-19 pandemic as of 3/19/20.   We had already voluntarily closed as of Monday, 3/16/20. The order is in place until further notice.  It may last several weeks or months.

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