What is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach?

Could a holistic life coach help you reach your goals this year?

Most people have goals that they would like to achieve, yet they have not met their goals for a variety of reasons. Receiving general life coaching is a great way to work through unmet goals. Holistic life coaching is specifically useful for health-related goals. These include feeling better overall, increasing energy, improving sleep quality, finding the…

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Three Sizes Down

three sizes down

PFP is proud to share a weight loss story from our own gym member Phil. Weight loss journeys are often portrayed as incredible feats. We as a society tend to focus on the outcome of such journeys – like being three sizes down. But those going through them know all too well it isn’t an…

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Ginger Hot Cacao

ginger hot cacao

I love to drink hot chocolate, especially in the winter after coming in from shoveling the snow or a cold winter run.  This ginger hot cacao version with ground ginger is delicious. And packs the added benefits of ginger with its anti-inflammatory and digestive health effects. Note that I’m recommending CACAO powder instead of regular…

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Mindful Baking: No-Fail Peanut Butter Cookies

mindful baking

Christmas is truly upon us. Only a few days left to finalize holiday shopping, family gathering, and work event details. For most of us, it’s overwhelming and feels chaotic. And for some, this time of year can bring out our worst frustrations and lack of patience. Essentially everything we don’t want to be during the…

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The Most Common Winter Workout

winter workout

We’ve been lucky so far. But who knows? Maybe by the time you read this article you or someone you know will have to partake in this winter workout. This is a workout that somebody has to do at least once if Mother Nature decides to unload a tsunami of snow on us this winter.…

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Ginger Tea for the Holidays

ginger tea

Ginger tea for the holidays? Last week, we talked about the wonderful properties of ginger. Ginger is among the healthiest spices on the planet. And in my opinion, one of the most delicious! It comes from a flowering plant originating in China. And is closely related to turmeric and cardamon. It is loaded with nutrients and…

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Ginger Recipe – Ginger Roasted Parsnips

ginger roasted parsnips

If you’ve ever lived in Pittsburgh, you know that cookies are something we Yinzers take very seriously. The Pittsburgh Cookie Table is a long lasting wedding tradition still going strong to this day. As the snow is falling and the holiday lights are on display, we’re warming our ovens getting ready to bake. A treat…

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Strengthening your Immune System for the Winter Season

Strengthening your Immune System

Strengthening your immune system. Winter is almost officially here!  We’ve had some snow.  Holiday decorations are up.  And the “sick” season has set in.   It’s hard to avoid getting ill during this time of year with so many of us indoors and in close quarters, especially around the holidays.  Frequent hand washing is the best…

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Digital Detox for the Holidays

digital detox

For the first time in many years, I’ve decided to take 13 days off between Christmas and New Years and not traveling. I’m feeling the need to really scale back my life right now and the holiday time is a perfect time to get back to what is really important to me. To jumpstart my…

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