Wellness Series

How Journaling Helped Me Become Mindful

journaling helped me become mindful

Journaling is perhaps one of the more commonly recommended self-reflection techniques. This is for good reason – it ensures a certain amount of time spent in reflection, it is therapeutic, and it helps detox your mind through processing. This practice does not have to be every day, though, as is so often prescribed. Once a…

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Missing My Meals!

missing my meals

Another Chapter in My Meal Prep Adventure I needed to write this blog after missing my meals and an entire week of meal prepping. We were out of state for a college graduation and did not get home until midnight on Sunday so meal prep was impossible last week. We reverted back to our old pattern of buying…

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A Mindful Eating Blog

mindful eating blog

Mindful eating can help with so many of people’s’ common ailments. How many people have multiple stomach aches every week and are constantly hungry? When I eat slower, I tend to eat less, better absorb my food, and feel more satisfied with my meals. I used to have so many problems: overeating, always famished, frequent…

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Time to Meal Prep

time to meal prep

Time.  I didn’t have much of it the last few weeks.  I had  gym events the last few weekends. Then I was on call for my pediatric practice this past weekend. I was way too tired and cranky to take time to meal prep.

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A Weekend of Seminars!

weekend of seminars

Well friends, can you believe it’s already May? Seriously, where does the time go? We also can’t believe we are also gearing up for our 5th Wellness Series Seminar! The Wellness Series Seminars are something we look forward to hosting every month. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. And we especially love…

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Pointers for Allergy Season

pointers for allergy season

It’s finally warm!  The trees are blooming!  My eyes are itching and burning!  It’s allergy time again folks.  As a fellow allergy sufferer, I can appreciate the struggles of allergy season. But I’m here to help give you a few pointers for allergy season.

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Having Trouble Finding Balance?

having trouble finding balance

Do people tell you that you work too hard? Are you often stressed with deadlines and projects? Are you constantly tired no matter how much sleep you get? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you neglect your own needs? Is it hard to set aside time specifically for yourself? Are…

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Staying Mindful During Busy Season

busy season

One of the major barriers to incorporating mindfulness in people’s’ lives is simply having too much to do. It’s difficult staying mindful in the midst of a busy season. Sometimes this calls for cutting back and decreasing any unnecessary activities. A lot of times, though, this situation cannot be avoided. Whether it be raising small…

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All Natural Pre-Workout Snack

all natural pre-workout snack

​I found this recipe from the blog, Running to the Kitchen. These banana chia bites serve as a great all natural pre-workout snack and taste delicious. I love this recipe because there is no added sugar, the only sweetness to these bites comes naturally from the banana. Please note these bites are more like a muffin,…

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Mindful Morning Routine

mindful morning routine

A morning routine that incorporates mindfulness seems daunting. Most people don’t even have a morning routine to speak of, let alone a mindful morning routine – while also scrambling to get out the door.

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