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What I Eat Before My Workouts

What I Eat Before a Workout

What I eat before my workouts. Before I get into any major specifics, what I am about to tell you has come from years of trial and error as well as experience. There were times where I ate some things that I told myself I would never again before a workout. That’s because I noticed a major decrease in…

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Six Reasons to Start A Gratitude Practice

gratitude practice

There are a lot of people recommending a gratitude practice. Ever wonder why? Ever been skeptical about traditions such as saying grace or telling others out loud at the Thanksgiving table what you are grateful for? I put off actively practicing gratitude for years. However, on my last airplane trip I was having difficulty with…

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Why You Should be Eating Your Fats!

eating your fats

Let’s talk about the dreaded nutrient known as fat. Some of you may cringe just hearing the word, as there is much debate surrounding this macronutrient. Do low fat diets really work? Are low fat diets even good for us? If fat is one of the three main macronutrients, why are we continually told it’s…

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