Fall Foods! A Great Autumn Recipe

Try this great Autumn recipe to start out a healthy Fall food month: spicy sausage, Brussels sprouts and butternut squash foil packets!

With Fall fast approaching (so hard to believe!), so is the season of spooks, pumpkins and changing leaves. Let’s plan to start this Autumn right with a great Autumn recipe! Here’s an idea-   SPICY SAUSAGE, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH FOIL PACKETS   An easy Fall foil packet dinner made with spicy chicken Andouille…

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Those Bountiful Berries

Summer is well upon us and there are so many things to appreciate; lazy weekend days at the pool, picnics, family get-togethers, etc. One of my favorite things is the abundance of fresh, inexpensive and yes, in-season berries. All of the best: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries . . . I like them all, and…

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Be Your Own Transformation Picture

Do transformation promises actually work? Well, many of them can, if we strictly follow them. Begin your transformation with PFP!

Interested in losing weight? Maybe just maintaining your current weight? Or, maybe it’s improving your overall health and eating better? The reality is that most of us are. And we don’t have to look very far either for advice, solutions, diets, fads, must have foods, supplements, equipment and more. Ok . . . but the…

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Pre- and Probiotics.  Are they worth taking?

The bacteria in our guts affect our digestion, immune system, and brain health - could pre or probiotics help get you a healthy gut?

I’ve read and heard a lot about both pre- and probiotics in the medical literature and among my own patients.  I recommend probiotics for patients while they are on antibiotics to prevent any associated diarrhea, and medical literature supports that practice. But what about other uses?  What is a prebiotic?  What’s a probiotic?  What are…

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Sweet Valentine’s Smoothie

Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly our most beloved holiday as a society. But no matter what your relationship status is today, you can always show yourself a little self-love. Curl up with your favorite book or movie. Treat yourself to a home cooked meal or your favorite take out. Dabble in a face mask or take…

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A Healthier Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you choose to indulge this Valentines Day, then try this easy healthier chocolate cake recipe instead of buying or ordering out!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I know it is traditional to buy chocolates or other treats for your loved ones. However, a lot of times the store-bought sweets have a lot of junky ingredients in them. Plus, it is always fun and thoughtful to make your own gifts! Although this recipe cannot be classified as…

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