More Like Babies

more like babies

Every morning Ryan wakes up and there is excitement in her eyes. The curiosity of what her day will bring never gets old. Babies amaze me with their over enthusiastic attitude toward anything new. As long has Ryan’s basic necessities are met, she is (for the most part) pretty dang happy. Being a mom really…

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Babies: AKA Movement Educators

movement educators

I certainly enjoy staring at my son. Don’t get me wrong, I also really enjoy it when he naps… but sometimes even after pining for naptime to roll around so I can steal some quiet or gather a collection of task-oriented moments, I often find myself staring at pictures or videos of him. After much fixed gazing…

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Pregnant Tummy No More

pregnant tummy no more

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight There is no magic to this tip and quite frankly you may be disappointed. When people ask me how I got back into shape, the truth is, it is what I did in the years prior to my pregnant tummy that made a huge difference postpartum.

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The Stay at Home Mom

stay at home mom

Let me preface this “stay at home mom” blog with this: I am beyond grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to be able to be a stay at home mom with my first born. This is not knock on moms who go back to work whether by choice or financial necessity.

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Motherhood MOMentum

motherhood momentum

Somehow, I have an 18 month old. I basically have no idea how that happened, and yet I have been here the whole time. The concept, operation, and perception of time have me quite baffled as I consider these past couple years of my life in particular. Crossing into this threshold of motherhood momentum is…

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Zoom In Zoom Out

zoom in zoom out

Motherhood. It is a journey. I am only 17 months into it. But  I have gleaned some wisdom through the rich conversations with those who have been there before me. And I have stumbled upon some perspective of my own. And I am humbled to share with those who continue after (and beside) me along…

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New Mom Fitness with Jill

new mom fitness

Yes! Our first New Mom Fitness workout went off without a hitch. And with that I mean crying, some spit up, slobber, and baby toots. But what else would you expect? But that’s the idea behind New Mom Fitness:  a chance for women to get together with other mothers and babies and feel free of…

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An Exercise Routine for New Moms

Exercise Routine for New Moms

For anyone, it can be hard to start back up with a fitness routine. Yet it’s especially hard for new moms!  That hour of free time you used to spend in the gym is now spent doing laundry, dishes, etc…The unpredictable duration of your little one’s naps can leave you frustrated on when to workout. …

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