One A Day

one a day

One a day. We are diving headfirst into the busy new season of fall! And the holidays are quickly approaching! Now more than ever, I am relying on what I call my “one a day” rule. A few years back my husband and I created this rule for our lives. It not only helps us…

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Calm Your Anxiety: Mindfulness Help

calm your anxiety pfp holistic lifestyle coaching

Calm your anxiety. I have a real tendency toward anxiousness. I think a lot of people do, especially in our modern-day society. In fact, it’s almost difficult not to! It would be untrue to say I still don’t struggle with it, even with my (self-proclaimed!) obsession with mindfulness. What I can say is that regular…

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Beating Back-To-School Stress

beating back-to-school stress

Beating back-to-school stress. As exciting as the start of fall is, there comes with this season a certain amount of trepidation. No matter if you have young kids, older kids, or no kids, it seems that this season is doomed to be hectic. Or so I thought until I started practicing mindfulness.

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My Mindfulness Corner

Mindfulness Corner meditation wellness day

I recently set up a Meditation Area in my house. My mindfulness corner is something I keep set up at all times so that anytime I am the least bit inspired (outside of my regular bedtime meditation routine that I’ve gotten in the habit of), I can sit down and focus immediately.

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Essential Oils: Can They Really Help?

essential oils

My Exploration With Essential Oils I have been pretty late to the game when it comes to essential oils. I just started experimenting with them starting about a month ago. Personally, I have noticed that they help alleviate my symptoms, especially with anxiousness. As a caveat, I do not have diagnosed anxiety, but only a…

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