My Mindfulness Corner

Mindfulness Corner meditation wellness day

I recently set up a Meditation Area in my house. My mindfulness corner is something I keep set up at all times so that anytime I am the least bit inspired (outside of my regular bedtime meditation routine that I’ve gotten in the habit of), I can sit down and focus immediately.

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Essential Oils: Can They Really Help?

essential oils

My Exploration With Essential Oils I have been pretty late to the game when it comes to essential oils. I just started experimenting with them starting about a month ago. Personally, I have noticed that they help alleviate my symptoms, especially with anxiousness. As a caveat, I do not have diagnosed anxiety, but only a…

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How Journaling Helped Me Become Mindful

journaling helped me become mindful

Journaling is perhaps one of the more commonly recommended self-reflection techniques. This is for good reason – it ensures a certain amount of time spent in reflection, it is therapeutic, and it helps detox your mind through processing. This practice does not have to be every day, though, as is so often prescribed. Once a…

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Mindful Self-Care

mindful self-care

There has been a lot of buzz around both the ideas of “self-care” and “mindfulness” lately, but I have rarely seen any stated connection between the two. Self-care seems to be described more as actions you take and mindfulness more as thoughts alone. But what about the concept of mindful self-care?

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A Mindful Eating Blog


Mindful eating can help with so many of people’s’ common ailments. How many people have multiple stomach aches every week and are constantly hungry? When I eat slower, I tend to eat less, better absorb my food, and feel more satisfied with my meals. I used to have so many problems: overeating, always famished, frequent…

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Having Trouble Finding Balance?

having trouble finding balance

Do people tell you that you work too hard? Are you often stressed with deadlines and projects? Are you constantly tired no matter how much sleep you get? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you neglect your own needs? Is it hard to set aside time specifically for yourself? Are…

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